Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


RYTM has been produced as long or longer at this point than the entire production life of the 808. Roland released the 909 shortly after and offered no upgrade path. Your instruments are just as capable and valuable as they were when you bought them if you are actually looking at them as what they are, musical instruments rather than financial investments. If you don’t care about the added sampling, you shouldn’t feel any need to upgrade. Also, if you are really obsessed with their financial value, I’m sure the second hand market will correct itself after they are unobtainium. Same thing happened to the MD and MnM when Elektron made the price drop announcement. Value crashed for a few months then skyrocketed when they were finally gone. If all you care about is recouping your monetary investment instead of making music with them, wait 6 months and I’m sure you will see the price come back up.


Like an analog mixer, the internal mixer in the RYTM changes sound as you drive it harder. When you max out the volume you are saturating and distorting the mixer. You can go pretty extreme with this by further goosing it with the compressor makeup gain. This is from the main outs and the channel outs, can’t comment on OB. Typically to get the least amount of added noise and dirt on an analog mixer, leave the faders at unity gain and same with the channel input pot. Never had any gain staging issues with the RYTM in my setup.
Edit to say that there is nothing wrong with overdriven mixer sound, it’s typical of electronic music from the 90’s when every one was mixing on cheap analog desks. Driving all the channels slightly into the red clips and rounds out transients nicely and you don’t need much compression to control dynamics. I’ve actually grown to hate the super clean sterile mix aesthetic of so much modern electronic music. Get some dirt and warmth in there :blush::boom::dizzy_face:


i think you guys dont “get” what i mean :wink: Listen to contemporary electronic music. Loudness is everything. You cant reach Loudness without Noise from analog Machines when you have to work with -18 db Material ^^ Thats all i want to say!


I personally didn’t have a problem with levels or excessive noise on my RYTM.
Used it in tracks mastered up to commercial levels i.e. very loud, and didn’t notice at all excessive noise levels?
Is the low level via OB or physical outs?


I also don’t get noise issues with my set up, even after mastering to “SUPER FUCKING LOUD”. For me gain staging with the Elektron’s is more about tone control and sound design than noise mitigation.


it’s with OB. just check out my AR Tracks on Youtube and you hear what i mean. But i dont care anymore since im planning to sell that AR anyway. Maybe all will be better with the MK2 …


I do not think this will change, as IMHO there is nothing wrong with the unit as far as noise is concerned.


Obsolescence schmobsolescence … pack your MKi blues away, become ‘retro’ and proud …



Is it confirmed that Armk1 will get an update in sep?

Or will they discontinue it altogether, firmware wise.

  • sorry to ask again but search function didnt help much


It’s not discontinued, it will get os updates … whether it will get feature updates is something only Elektron knows but it’s likely that those would be compatible between MKi & MKii, so optimism is reasonable, with the exception of sampling related updates obviously


Yeah figured that too. Guess regarding machines etc things are looking bright.

Good news then.


Have the CV tracks been doubled?
Is there any chance for midi tracks for sequencer on either mk2?


no MIDI sequencing as far as we know, get a DT or an OT


One thing I just noticed is that the A4 MKII has dedicated outputs for each voice. This is huge for me because I have a modular system that I designed to mangle synth voices. I think this is really a big deal.


or a Kenton Pro CV to MIDI


The A4 MkII is just getting the individual outputs and other stuff that’s been on the AK. The joystick would be fun on the A4 MkII.

I :hearts: the AK!


So the AK has individual output of the four voices? I didn’t know that. I thought it was the same as the A4. Should have checked and in that case…:slight_smile:


If it matters, the AK has the CV outs and tracks too, that are ‘new’ on the MkII. But the CV ins on the MkII are new.
It’s not for sure if the deeper bass on the MkII is like the AK too, or a third version. (At least the last i heard.)


I’m glad you said, because I forgot to check the AK specs. The added bass I get from an AJH Synth Ring SM module in Eurorack format. This module takes three sources and uses the first source to create a sub-bass. So I guess I’m not too worried about the upgraded bass on the MK2. I saw a second-hand AK for 800 euros. Should have jumped on it.


If you saw one at a good price you’ll see more. The three octave of real keys (with the leds) is nice.

There has been some concern that Elektron will release an AK MkII, but no sign of it yet. It wouldn’t really bother me if there was. Either it won’t be that different so i won’t feel like i need to upgrade. -OR- Elektron decides to really WOW us with some super changes, or a whole new thing in which case i would gladly upgrade. (Like if they did a shared project with ROLI and did an Elektron Analog Seaboard. Just a crazy dream.)