Instrument cables

I’m going to run my Analog Rytm into the Digitone with some good cables so I thought you guys might know which ones are good but not unnecessarily expensive. Does gold plated really mean anything in this case? Length-wise I think about one meter.

grab some hosa ones


I think the term snake oil came about from the discussion of audio cable quality.
As mentioned a couple of Hosa’s will do the job as good as any.
Much more important is the use of balanced, unbalanced etc


Couldn’t find any Hosa jack cables on my online stores.
Would these do ?

yeah why not if the lenght is exactly right for you.

My fave cable brand at the moment is cordial. They have a good quality, cheap price and usually use Rean or Neutrik connectors. No plastic wrapping ever either so you can fix the cables yourself should a fault occur.

A good connector from a reputable manufacturer is always a plus, as it guarantees a good fit and will not stick to your socket, unlike some bargain bin chinese noname plastic wrapped cables sometimes do. Man, I almost broke an input on my Apollo twin once cause a cheap cable was stuck to the input. Lesson learned there.


Allright I think I’ll go for those Cordial ones!

looking for some as well. But with a 90°-angled end on both sides - this would save so much space but might be a problem for the OT where are 4 inputs right next to each other (I suppose it is possible if you have a stand for it). Any experience with those cables? Sadly most of them seem to be very short (patch cables).

I make all my own cables. This requires a soldering iron, wire strippers, audio wire, and 1/4inch jacks. Very time consuming and tedious but you can build a ton of balanced cables for a small fraction of the cost to buy them.


Buy cheap or spend more for better build quality

I have a pair and find them annoying. They either project upward and put the cable in the way of hands-on work or to the side (down is an impossibility on a table) its a very tight, fiddly squeeze.

But you should be able to find a whole variety of quality /length at any guitar store?

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I decided to order 4 pcs. of the Elektron Instrument Cable 1,5 m instead and they are excellent.
They are thinner than the usual jack cables so they take up less space and they are light weight. They are gold plated and then they have the wire strap which helps to avoid clutter. And as you can see they match perfectly to the MKII range :grinning:
I know I sound like a commercial but I just really like them :grin:
Highly recommended for Elektron products.


Personally I noticed a difference in clarity and overall Dynamics when using unbalanced cables to go into and out of my digitone so I switched to balanced. Much better imho

Oh, I didn’t really think of that…
I didn’t think you could actually hear the difference. Ok, I’ll have to test that.

would you have a recommendation ? which brand do you use ? Tx

and also, do you also use Balanced cables for the Digitakt ?

I use hosa cables and ordered them from Sweetwater. The colorful kind


I think it’s all personal preference. I’m sure there’s people who would argue the exact opposite, that unbalanced are more clear but I deff noticed

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I dont have a Digitakt but I always use balanced in and out of OT

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Ooooh wee these look nice!! I’m going to order some myself!!

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I just tried switching back and forth a good number of times between these and my old ballanced ones and I cannot hear any difference. I do believe I have a good ear and have spend a lot of time EQing but no noticable difference here. I have to pluck them in and out manually so it takes about half a minute each time. However I’ll try again when I get my Octatrack so that I can use that to switch a bit faster.

Now put a meter of power cord and a bad power supply next to it. That will change your impression drasticall.

If gear supports a balanced connection, you better use one. Costs are low and especially on longer routes, it pays out as you have no immissions ro your signal.