IKEA Jerker & other IKEA stuff

still have my ikea jerker desk… one of the best modular solutions for the price. i also had the one posted below by @Taimi although i prefer the jerker if size permits :slight_smile:


which stand is that beneath your takt/tone? Ikea?

also, jealous of the Jerker desk. wish they still made that :sob:

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Yes, those stands are from ikea(ipad stands).

A4 mkii is big, but not so massive size however. (:



I’ve still got my Jerker; almost 20yrs old and going strong. Managed to score a second one too last year so the music room’s all Ikea. Just imagine if they deliberately set out to make music gear. We can but dream.

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Teenage Engineering x Ikea collaboration is coming this year…


Yeah Jerker is really nice. I Bought it for €60 second hand in mint condition a couple of years ago. It also has three shelves on the sides and a third shelve in the middle. (not using them right now)


First of all I’m totally stoked for this!


I struggle to see teenage engineering putting their name behind a $99 turntable. Hell I would pay a lot more for a TE turntable if it were solely designed and made by them.

Nice, I wish I had the version of Jerker with a shelve below where you could place the keyboard. The keyboard takes up a lot of space. Other than that its great.

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You used to be Abe to add a small pull out shelf for a computer keyboard - I used to have one for my Jerker. It wasn’t very robust, though. Couldn’t put a lot of weight on it. :frowning:

I had one of those in my studio a couple of years ago but I sold it. It was robust enough to have a midi keyboard on it. I regret that I sold it.

Yeah i’ve been looking for one for my Jerker for a while. The metal support going across the front underside of the desk makes it tricky to build your own. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

No complaints if it ends up $99 though, turntable looks pretty slick. Hopefully it’s not built like shit

hahaha love that you split this into a new Jerker thread. I’m going to have to check out that Fredde desk :thinking:

I had a Jerker desk that suited me fabulously for a few years. Then we moved to a new place where my designated music area was just the wrong shape for the Jerker, so I replaced it with a Fredde.

I don’t like the look of the Fredde so much, and the shelving options are rather less flexible than those for the Jerker. Being black, at least it recedes behind the gear.

I later moved to a different space in our house where the Jerker would have fitted comfortably, so the nostalgia is strong.


Judging by the look of this unit it has features like a straight tone arm and replaceable headshell and stylus. You would struggle to find those features in a turntable sub $200

I suppose I’m dubious is all.

I actually genuinely hope it’s a decent product. Although I’ve only owned pocket operators from TE I think their design and execution is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen not just for music equipment but consumer electronics in general

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Time will tell eh. Hopefully we can just put it down to ikea being giants. It’s the only place I know where you can get a table for a fiver so there is that to take into account at least

the counterweight does not appear to be adjustable tho

so only carts with a certain weight can be fitted

but looks cool I must say

Reviving this topic as I am looking into Ikea stuff to remake my separate studio room into a small studio wall in our office space at home, meaning my wife has her desk, papers and books there. I can have 1 wall, which is empty at the moment.

I saw a YT video of a guy who made a modular IKEA Elektronic Music wardrobe, that got me thinking in that direction. ( https://youtu.be/uMG3Bh7oQwE )

Not sure how I am going to pull it off, need to sell a few bits and pieces anyway, I want to start moving in November.

My eye just fell on this Ivar system, I like the 2 levels:

My music wardrobe does not need to be closed completely as the room has a door :wink: , I do want it to be inviting to go and have a play even when I have only 10 minutes.

I like to stand up or sit/lay on the floor to play music. If I want to do editing and other computer heavy stuff (which almost never happens) I can take my laptop to the living room or use my wife’s desk in the same room.

I think I just sold myself getting this one while writing this up. :totes:

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… and then a couple of weeks ago I saw that someone had left one on the street as garbage for collection. It felt bad to have to walk past and not rescue it.

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