IK Multimedia UNO Synth

Well I surely do not know what to make of this video, but it might be cool?

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Oh man, this thing was so hyped by IK, and to think their marketing catchphrase for this synth was ‘Get ready for a Paradigm Shift’ :joy: :sleeping:

Yeah, quite the statement. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think this really constitutes a paradigm shift.

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oh god no…

looking at the specs it uses IK multimedia’s own TRS to MIDI cables which I have some experience with. They are on their IOS audio interface which I used a while ago and they were awful. Really lose connections and very unreliable.

I really am loathing this massive shift by manufacturers to ditch the full sized MIDI DIN ports.


We should take a stand and just not buy anything that requires an adapter for basic thing like MIDI DIN.


In like how they managed to make a hardware synth that looks like a bad 3D render of a VST plugin. :slight_smile:

Looks fun though. If they manage to sell it for $150 street they should be fine.


Nice to see more battery powered stuff coming out, the video was everything that I could have hoped for, the only thing that could have made it better is if they had put a donk on it. :joy:

Paradigm-Shifted :rofl:


Bit of a shame they went for 4 pots + 4 selection buttons instead of a 4 by 4 grid of 16 pots.

I’ll have a look at the drum box when it comes…:face_with_monocle:

Just makes me wish Korg would release the Gadgets in h/w form even more!

Could have made it usable as a general controller as well. On a related note, can behringer stop making synths I don’t want and print up a couple of copies of the bcr2000? Don’t they know what I need?

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Somehow it reminds my on my good ol’ ZX81. Ditching real keys wasn’t a great idea even back then in the 80s …

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I must say I do get excited by new synths easily. But lately, specially when monophonic synths are announced, I just take a deep breath, spend some time with my A4 and realize I already have four of those with an amazing sequencer.


That’s a nope from me.
it looks like a remote control from the 80s. And it’s just a collection of the “most normal” synth features with no voice of it’s own.

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Made in Italy. And the price :thup:

That’s the paradigm shift! The return to the late 70s early 80s membrane paradigm!!!


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Hmmm . . .

Nice price. Nice size (I like smaller synths). No menu-diving (I’d still have the AS-1 if I didn’t have to go into the menu for like 95% of the parameters).

I’m intrigued.

Edit: didn’t see it was made in Italy. I’ll make sure to get an extended warranty to an extended warranty.

… more esoteric HP or BP filter …

So that’s really an otherworldly machine … :smiley:

Next level stuff right there