If you had to choose one Synth and one FX box(pedal)

What would you choose and why?

OT because it’s an awesome sampler, synth, drum machine, sequencer. Fx box would be Kaoss Pad 3 because it great for spicing up tracks, doing transitions, and it can sample/resample.

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if given unlimited budget, my choices would be

  • waldorf quantum
  • empress zoia

If budget was a concern, I’d probably get a

  • minilogue XD
  • Boss RV-500

endless variety of programming own synths, fx and sequencers

analog heat:
adding warmth or distortion, plus having a good filter


Surely OT can be considered as “fx box”?

If so:
Moog One


Novation Peak, cos it does everything really, and always sounds great. Has beautiful inbuilt fx too.

Then, Analog Heat. Cos putting that after a massive Peak reverb creates glorious crunchy, warm distorted textures full of character.

Fun for dayyyyys.


That’s a hard question. If I could keep just 1 piece of hardware out of everything I have, it would be the Op-1.

I’ve only played the hardware I own, so going off of my synths: Op-1, Blofeld, Ms-20 mini, Microkorg, Volca FM, Volca Kick, Proteus 2000 if it’s considered a “synth” & a few vst’s using Maschine Mk3.

if the Op-1 counts as a synth, of course I choose that since it’s my favorite.
If it doesn’t count, I’d go with Blofeld or ms-20 mini. Probably Blofeld, a wide range of sound possibilities which would be good if I was limited to 1 synth. & I actually like the mod-matrix. I prefer 1 knob per function, but the mod-matrix is set up pretty nice, easy & quick to follow.

Effects boxes I have: Boss Me-50 multi-fx, Zoom G3 multi-fx, Red Panda Particle, Analog Heat, KP3+, 3630 Compressor, Monotron delay & Behringer digital delay. I use a lot of effects on some of my samplers, mixers, ect. especially the sp404sx, but even tho the sx is full of effects I consider it a sampler.

If I could pick the sp404sx, I’d go with that. In an sp-forum battle I did a while ago, the only sounds we could use were from 2 free apps, not good sounds at all. This battle really showed me the power of the sp404sx when it comes to sound design.

If it needs to be JUST an effects box, it would have to be Analog Heat or KP3+. All though I LOVE LOVE the Red Panda Particle (granular delay pedal). The character it adds to the sound/delays is amazing & a lot of options to shape the sound/delays. But I don’t think it would be practical to use as my only effects box. A multi effects box would make the most sense for me maybe like an H9 or something (never used), a higher quality multi-effects box. I absolutely adore the Analog Heat tho. I use it on everything. Argh. F@*^k delay & reverb, I’m going Analog Heat!! & since my synth would be an Op-1 or Blofeld, the Analog Heat makes both of them sound great.


Modular for the synth.
Kyma for the effects.

Or vice-versa. :crazy_face:

Continuum for the synth
H9 Max for the effects

VCS3 for the synth
Multivox tape echo for the effects

Ah, forget it. I’ll never be able to choose. But I could have years or decades of fun with any of those combinations.


Tough decision but I would choose the Nord G2 and Zoia. That would keep me busy (and happy) for decades.
Interestingly, when I pick just “one” piece of gear to travel with etc., it’s an Elektron box (Digitone, OT, Rytm) and in the studio I mostly use a relatively large eurorack setup but I would be content if I HAD to give all that up.

Oberheim xpander and an ensoniq dp4. 6 multitimbral voices and 4 channels fo bad ass effects. Its not a pedal but whatever.

Elektron Monomachine & Eventide Space or Strymon Big Sky.


For FX box, Empress Zoia. It’s not perfect, as the single knob imposes some limitations on the user interface, but it’s a fun modular in a box that invites experimentation, plus there are some awesome folks in the user community to help w/ patching questions and the like. It can do all the usual FX as well as all kinds of unusual ones.

Synth - can’t decide, unless I’m allowed to count my iPad as a “synth”. I have several hardware synths but each has something the others don’t and there’s no telling which one I might be in the mood to make music on at a given time.

of the things I own : Digitone and the Volante.


Digitone! Although lately I’ve been gravitating around my OB-6 desktop more and more, fantastic synth! Ok, maybe OB-6, then…

And OT if this can be chosen as multiFX :tongue:
ZOIA otherwise, I guess. Although I have had a lot of fun with the Polymoon lately…


Voltage Lab / Digitone / Rev2 + Zoia.

Synth - Korg Radias
Pedal - Octatrack / settle for Digitakt if people dispute the Octatrack is a pedal

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I’d prefer if this question started with a storyline …

You are being moved tomorrow morning to a remote basic hut in the mountains (witness protection program) for at least 6 months and are permitted only two electronic musical devices that you must carry up the 8 miles of rough mountain trail on foot to the hut, along with all your other essential belongings for survival.

The hut has a 3 amp power supply, basic line in PA system and no internet. (Simple essential living provisions will be supplied)

The religious community that owns the mountain react ferociously to all types of mobile phone being brought to the mountain, but any Apple products in particular will result in your immediate extermination.

Choose your 2 devices.

Your release from the hut at the end of the program requires your performing the fruit of your musical labours to the elders of the Mountain Guardians.


Hmmm well stretching this concept to its logical conclusion; I’d have 1 endorphin.es shuttle system as my synth and a 3head reel to reel tape deck for saturation and analog delay.


Moog one OR Novation Summit
:moneybag: decides

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KP3 agree…useful presets
and OCTA fx (slider,-Plocks- etc…)