I think OT Mk2 will not be my definitive "WorkStation"... but,

if i was rich i buy a mackie 2404 & a second OT… :slight_smile:

for me a MIDI CC is just : 74 + 0…127 .

like DATA knobs / steps… or 1/512th…

Not a chance. They just released a new Black MKII, celebrated 10 years anniversary with a special edition and a new OS…
Why would they spend that time and money if they planned a new OT like?

They’d make something simpler, and they have the Digitakt. I’d rather think about a DT2.

Concerning midi slides, the only possibility is lfos. I avoid continuous lfos, because midi bandwidth is limited. Recording midi CC automation is possible, but per step!
Midi slides are possible with Machinedrum, so why not…


I love OT as it is, but I think it’s not finished.
Can’t wait new updates they talked about…


Did they? If the OT is not finished then which Elektron is? :wink:

On a side note, @mk2 if you live in a 9m2 i would not leave ày gear like an Electribe on the floor. I have to say i actually feel for your previous down neighbour i would have chope you in pieces long time before for having a Tek club over my head for years :joy:


hey sezare ! where i can find “roadmap” of Octatrack ?

I dont remember if youve stated that you read this or not. But heres merlins guide as one perspective on a roadmap.


that’s exactly why im searching an old house little, a bit retired from civilization 1-2 Km… to give back my f*kin 90 dB & respect the trees with good vibes.

of course, i’ll miss MARSEILLE (Stade Vélodrome + kebabs, & friends…), i’ll miss LA CÔTE BLEUE, the beaches … surf campers spot… & The Sun.

(thinked Ibiza also but no abla español & im too old & its not anymore my delire…)

i go in Alpes FR, 200 Km to north, it’s mountain villages… (i need calm, i liven in city/sub-urban/gangs territory… btw they like techno lol…)

my dream is living back to La Côte Bleue (Sausset-les-Pins), but only riches live there… 40m² is 200-300k & villas must be 450K+.

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La Creuse should fit the bill :wink:


no northly… i need to be closer enough Gap & Marseille… to go to Stadium if my OM sheeps will qualify for Champions League LOL, but not with that president…

  • in Alpes there is 1 or 2 discos, and i think they play only 80s, good… but i like deep house / deep-dub tech too…

Well with the other ‘Machines’ you can give yourself more of an effects chain, or using one of the tracks as a master and I’m sure if there is another way to do more, someone on here has said or could on here if they haven’t already.

You all are so helpful, and I really have to say after putting up a question myself and seeing the helpful responses it’s nice being a part of the Elektron/OT Club! You guys rock!

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I dont think there is such a thing as a perfect machine… because every user Will have their own “perfect”.

Have you considered looking into some other machine that complements OT or that does what you find OT is missing?

another OT :slight_smile:

Yeah but that won’t get you new features just more features…

she not satisfied my soul.

i’m 43, i cant get stuck by this méchine…

i got new horizons, new sounds, new universes,

i could not get trapped ina 4/4 groovebox like this…



Let her not be the only one… but keep her too :wink:

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I didn’t even know the Octatrack could 4/4 bro


If you believe Octatrack is Only 4/4 then you havent explored it enough… dig deeper.


i feel you .
i decided to learn how to play the cello.
after 3 months i was not nearly as good as Yoyo Ma so i said " Fuck it!" and threw in the towel.
Stupid instruments taking time to learn how to play and shit…
Youre right.
give up.


Put it in the box, let it sit somewhere for a while before you sell it. In the meantime watch some Cenk stuff…

Question is, what kind of music do you want to do?


To be honest, i was trying to do 4/4, but everything sounded like it was only doing θ/π time signatures. We parted ways…