I think Elektron sequencer are really great, but

at least for me:

The pros with elektron is fast workflow, great sound
The cons for me is that I cant change pattern on indivudal tracks.

I don’t need a song mode and yes, I managed to live without kits on newer boxes too, but this is so limiting.

/rant off


Yeah, it’s something I really miss about the Polyend Tracker. Would be great, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement on the current Elektron UIs.

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It haven’t even occurred to me before this thread that this is an option. I’ll just copy paste patterns and tread a pattern as a flexibele loop and the tracks as layes within these loops. Now i think of it my Beatstep pro can do this but i never used it and i’ll chain the tracks the elektron way.


Yes, Polyend Tracker is good example, it’s easy on that machine to make transitions this way.

Pattern copy and altering is cool, it works, thats right.
But if you would treat a track inside the pattern as “clip” like perhaps bitwig or ableton live… or akai force, or mc-707, or…
It would give options, and options are good.

I’m absolutely sure that this is a first world problem.

I’m off to cinema.



I hadn’t even considered this, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it would be awesome.

Yea that would be awesome! Its one of the coolest features of the MidiCommand live with the new machinedrum firmware!
Edit: you can use the MCL to sequence a digitone or A4 this way as well.

I don’t understand :frowning:

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Copy pattern, change a track on the copy, voila, now you have two variations of nearly the same thing. Repeat ad nauseam.


Imagine you have two patterns. Both patterns have different Melody and all one pattern has hip hop drum pattern and the other has a house drum pattern. OP wants to be able to change out the house drum pattern for the hip hop to be able to try a different melody without having to rely on copy and paste.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Personally, I found the power and flexibility of Ableton’s Session view daunting and difficult (impossible) to get the best out of. I even tried using Push for it.

So… clearly there’s demand for that flexibility, because Ableton and Bitwig are very successful. But I suspect it’s not for me (certainly not at this time in my journey).


Yeah, this is a good compromise when composing, but the way it was implemented on the Tracker was fucking great for improvising and performing with.

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Does it rely on reading the screen to know what you’re doing?

OT workaround. A nice one I use a lot


Yeah, I use a Circuit Rhythm when I’m not using my Digitakt. I really like the pattern system. Each track’s patterns are independent of one another. And you can do direct jumping between them.

At the end of the day, I think I’d prefer to just write out a bunch of patterns on my Digitakt and chain them. But it’s a really nice change of pace.

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Yeah, but it’s laid out in a really simple way, so it only takes a glance to know what track is on which pattern

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If I didn’t rely heavily on 64-step patterns I’d use the hell out of this. Unless I’m fundamentally misunderstanding something.

Nice. Sounds worth a look-in.

My eyesight’s dreadful. Photos of Tracker have, so far, left me thinking it has an interface I’d struggle with.

Honestly this is the thing I wait on the Elektron sequencer.
I mean, select a bunch of track switching those track from current pattern to a new pattern and keeping the other in the current pattern.
If it would be possible it would lead to UI issue like saving. But on the live workflow it would be really good !

Because Most of the time I do a pattern then another one and I’m not in the mood to create good transition between them.
So being able to switch two track at a time would be great !
I use nanoloop and the 707 this way.

I built a sequencer in Max for Live for my APC40 back in the day.
I wish the Elektrons would have different modes, like reverse, back and fourth, random etc, but more importantly the ability to set start and end points on a sequence on the fly.
This way you could experiment with just using sections of a sequence and various playback modes.
And finally a way to jump out of that and go back to the entire sequence playing as it was programed


Hard to say without seeing with your eyes, but the screen is pretty massive and a lot of it can be sort of zoomed in. Also, a lot of the controls correspond to the buttons below them.

I guess it mostly comes down to how readable the text is.

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