I made this

made this yesterday ,itd be cool to know what you think…

theres three other tracks i made if you scroll down(4 in total) :slightly_smiling_face:

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listening this sound on a PA system will get you gasp for air. nice sound!


Uneasy listening, fresh !



One thing though, if I may: all sounds except bass feel pretty distant, could be cool to have some modulation on this too, so that you accentuate the collage aspect and shape the emotions even further.
Bass might be eating the dynamics a bit too often too much, might be judicious to add some tweaking there as well.
In a word, the same as you could play more on stereo, you could add some kind of 3D effect by modulating carefully the volume of your slices.
One example: a ramp that slightly increases volume for each slice would produce some additional depth.

I am not judging anything, I found this inspiring and would certainly try to reproduce something close while implementing above suggestions ^^


first of all thanks for listening,…im a solo artist and i dont have anyone to get their thoughts on stuff ive made,so i really appreciate you making time to say what you think …what youve said is helpful, i always wanna get better…only recently started recording my music and im still learning …theres a lot of facets to elektron devices so i believe everything is possible…peace,i will definately try stuff you suggested …


Blimey that was different! I would never think to make something like that so kudos.

I think I agree on the comment about the bass it’s just swamping at times so a little taming might help. Also agree with some volume modulation on some of the sounds. I was waiting for some dynamic things in the stereo field that would catch attention for a moment. Not enough to be jarring but enough to interest.


I really dig the “frantic ambient” vibe, cool tension, kept me moving throughout the track. The first minute or so kept me guessing what’s going to come next, and I was pleasantly surprised a couple of times. The rest of the track felt more familiar in a good way, encouraging to dance to it.


nuff for the likes)))

wow im really happy that some of you gave positive feedback for my music,makes me think im going in the right direction soundwise.thanks))

This would belong nicely on one of those Clicks n Cuts compilations- which is a big compliment!


clicks and cuts…im not familiar with that but i will check it out

This is the first one. I think there were 5 or 6 in total.
Basically shaped my entire tastes in electronic music.


thanks ,just had a quick scan through and it feels very underground… like a hidden radio station .i like it

love the likes ))) faaaaaaaaaaanx

comments,opinions and advice very welcome

Very uncanny, in a good way. Lynchian, sort of. I can see this working in many contexts, where you’re there to just create a very specific, suggestive atmosphere. It’s hard to comment on production, clearly you’re going for a sound where we shouldn’t feel entirely safe and you certainly pull that off. I. like the clarity of this, that you got a vision here. I wouldn’t tune in on this as I go to bed, but you should take that as a compliment, mate, cause that’s how it’s meant to come across :slight_smile:

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thanks for bothering )) your views let me see my track from a different angle …its helpful in many ways …i like going in to the unknown sonically when i can .its great to have unbias input so thanks mate)))

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No worries. It’s good stuff. If you got a voice, stick to it. Faking others is a great way to learn, but once you find your own, stick with it. You’ll be at your most honest, when you do.

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you speak truth…i think its important to be yourself …wise words)))

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Very cool, it certainly has character! Reminds me of some other track that I’ve heard somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it.
I like how the bass heavy pop sounds introduce another image. It’s all sounding very machine heavy, like some kind of production line switching through different modes of operation. Maybe some alarm like bleeping could push that image further.
Not so sure about the overall balance of bass and treble though, the sparkly percussion makes your focus “zoom in” on the treble while listening. Then when you’re used to hearing these silent details, a loud bass drone throws your focus off again. Especially these extremely filtered sustained bass tones around 0.40 or later around 2.00 have a weird balance in focus. Maybe lowering the volume a bit and adding a few harmonics to the bass sound? I don’t know. The bass pops like around 1.30 are fine because they decay and free up your focus again.
Kind of hard for me to explain, whatever. It’s a sick track! Curious what you’re gonna do next :alien:

edit: I found the track I was thinking of, it’s Mumdance and Logos - Border Drone