I’m done with Elektron



With mustardz


whores-radish muztardz right? MmmMMmmmMMMMMmmmmmm


What makes them special or unique in comparison ( or without comparing other drum machine)?


Yeah I think Im done with Elektron- my 1st the OT: been a week.
But, in a GOOD way?
So I went hard on the manual flipping/learn UI/ and knock out some fairly interesting beginnings to two compositions- but, I don’t forsee it handling all duties.
Really like the filter and LFOs, needed that, as well as the sound, really an FM type character, with all the weirdness that can be had, and I started on FM. Lots of technical stuff and really the one piece I can just drop stuff in and see what happens, definitely different than I am used to.
I am almost seeing it as a type of synth/seq, because I just don’t write percussion in loop mindset, and percussion being the foundation…I was mainly interested in the sound of the thing and so far, just the final piece I needed.
But I do feel, as a whole, it’s a fairly distinct sound, and as someone who has relied a lot on external OB processing, really refreshing to hear how good it can sound direct from the box.
But Elektrons are very techno-ish, and I’m actually not a techno guy, if that makes sense.
I was beginning to think, especially in terms of a centerpiece, how much it would change my whole approach/sound, especially after the workflow starts and you get that “hooked-in” feeling. Fun, yes- but from an artistic perspective, as soon as things take on a “solid” form, everything seems to drive to a certain point, like hypnosis. It’s almost a TOO-easy-instant gratification, once you learn the menus.
I am not sure I am even comfortable with that, from an artists’ standpoint. The creative process is weird for me, because it was always precarious where this is, once going, very precise and methodical. It definitely has a spirit, it demands investment for it’s rewards. Some gear doesn’t reward at all in the workflow, but it adds something you’d rather have than not. Some samplers you can put crap in and get something useful, this one not sure. Definitely need quality samples. The card was even loaded with OT sample packs and even those didn’t really tickle.

So I can see how others get spellbound and get more fix with- more Elektrons: or, losing patience, toss them.
OT World is certainly no place to be lost in, and when that moment comes when you are blank and you are expecting the box to tell you where to go, time to take a break.


Elektron should put out a T-shirt with their logo that says “I’m done. With Elektron.”


My OT spits out some sort of fusion rock/funk/electro/world music/jam band grooves…
Sometimes even electro folk/reggae/meditation music/spacegrass…
Doesn’t sound like techno, it’s possible…


It’s all about how you train your OT when it is at its infant stage. Don’t give in when it begs for techno, feed it with something else. Over time it becomes versatile.

You, Sir, have trained it well :slight_smile:


Does an instrument really force someone into a particular genre of music?


Not physically. It’s more of a mind battle.


No way. I use my MC-202 mostly for bluegrass. :joy:


I mean, I’m feeding in loops of 128 to 1024 steps with guitar, vocals, moog, and theremin…
It pretty much sounds like anything I want but if your used to OT slices and flex warp tricks you might be able to tell that the music is OTified…

Sometimes I do play psychedelic bluegrass with it… That’s what I call Spacegrass… :guitar::sparkles:


If Ioad some real acoustic drum samples on AR and warp spacegrass or other styles through the OT, it’s highly very far removed from techno…

Sometimes I do trancy meditation music with singing bowl sounds and stuff, you can’t tell one bit I’m using Elektrons… They can sound like anything…

Of course, if use real heavy electronic beats and make techno beats, it sounds like techno, haha!
I like me some techno now and again though… Even then when I start playing guitar over it it changes the vibe completely, only part techno…

I’ve gotten my Little Phatty analog synth to sound like gongs, didgeridoos, singing bowls, and wind even, absolutely love it… The thing I really like about analog is every time you play those sounds you get different harmonics and overtones, other subtle differences too, it sounds like it’s living and breathing in there… :smile:


I’ve just only really started with Elektron :slight_smile: And man is it fun, loving the Octatrack more and more these days.


I’m done with starting these kind of threads.


I’ve certainly learned my lesson.


That kind of things: Monomachine Arp and LFO Trick


It’s been interesting and fun though, in a strange way…
Really enjoyed our time out for a popcorn break!


It’s often the other way around … AFAIK the first MPCs have not been supposed to force the production of Hip-Hop :wink:


You know you have a certain ability to start a with pebble and end with an avalange? Love it though :smiley:


I’d argue that people take my posts way too seriously.

Or that I’m a James Bond villain and these things always go exactly as I planned.