I’m done with Elektron


We´re done with our world… so we landed on @Open_Mike bedroom! and is full of Nauts talkin´ about Analog PopCorn Samples and Recipes…


I Bought the AR II considering overbridge was just around the corner, i really need the integration within my daw for my workflow…Heck i just bought a 5 year old Acces Vrius TI2 which has an excellent vst for use within my daw…so its possible…come on Elektron, the wait has been long enough for a 1600 euro machine …!!!


My 2 cent contribution to this thread, I would say that I’m done with what Elektron has become. I got into their machine with the AR (MKI) and thought I had never seen such an amazing interface delivering such a sound with so many different ways to use it. I still love it for its deepness. However, the new machines after this one did not appeal to me so strongly. I felt they were good sounding and all (never owned one, though) but looked kind of ‘simple’ as compared to the AR (let alone the OT). For example, the Digitakt is a sampler, but it doesn’t even do timestretching or auto-region. The Digitone sounds super cool, but it only has a stereo output for its 4 tracks. So I started travelling back in time to look at Elektron’s older machines and discovered the amazing depth/usability ratio offered by a MachineDrum or a MonoMachine. These were clever machines in spite of their limitations. OK, they are from a different sound family, but I think they offer many more ways to be used as compared to a newer Digi machine. I guess these new products were purposefully meant to be easier to grasp and probably targeted at a larger audience, and it looks like the new approach taken by Elektron with their machines and that’s all right. But it leaves a gap in the market for deeper and more specialized machines. Who’s gonna step in? Hey, hello Teenage Engineering!


(I realize I sound like a total dumb-ass thinking he knows a lot in the message above, sorry, just some random speculation)


Meh - despite their possibilities TE stuff feels like toys to me. Nice on the go, but quite restricted in a studio setup.


Yep Teenage Engineering - engineered for teenagers :joy:


Let’s see what they offer with the OP-Z



We’ve got like a PC <-> Mac situation here :wink:


Man, this thread is looooooong. I’m done with Elektron as they are now. I got into them first with the MM a few years back, then picked up an OT, MD, and A4. I still own all of them except the MD. The new direction of smaller limited boxes and weak MKII units just don’t appeal to me. The Digitone would be great if it had more polyphony and more tracks for the price they’re asking. The OTMKII was a weak upgrade. The A4/AR MKII are ugly designs that don’t have enough new stuff to appeal to me. Elektron would have to bring out something completely insane for me to want to buy more of their gear at this point (OTMKIII with longer patterns, more tracks, bigger RAM; AR/MD hybrid with 16 channels; AnalogEight, etc).



My first thought about the OP-Z was: “Nice remote control. Where is the device?”

And now for something completely different:

I’m done with this thread. WHO, the hell, ate my popcorn? Do I have to hide everything in this household??

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Just do like my dad did to keep us from eating his ice cream. He got the nastiest flavor that he knew none of us would want.


I am of the same opinion because today the ethics would like me to take an octatrack for my back loop.

In fact it would be too easy and I think that with an octa,
I will miss to work a little dirty …

I create an arpeggio on my mc 303 with the digitakt sounds. I create a sequence :wink:
I sample with my sampler korg.
Then I stay on a defined tempo<

In short I could more easily repeat it ,on an octa but in the end, the composition, then the sampling mesure, satisfy me ,with my little experience.


The Push 2 isn’t really necessary and it is not as versatile or as efficient as I would like it, but it’s really great for chilling or, let’s say, a more slow but focused workflow. In this regard it’s almost like an Elektron box (but still with all the possibilities of Ableton Live behind).


I’ve seen some ridiculous products designed in my time, but I think that one takes the cake


A better sequencer


And it’s not even released :slight_smile:


Ok. Now it’s clear you are trolling (Two weeks too late for April 1st, Sir).


Rum and raisin for the win, if you can find it the days.


Popcorn anyone? :popcorn: