I’m done with Elektron



How can you go wrong with a dancing cucurbit.


Popcorn on pepperoni pizza is actually really good. Or… popcorn mixed with hot/regular Cheetos!!


Popcorn is gross. Im an elitist kettle corn douche :smiley:


Today in the supermarket there was this irresistable urge to buy popcorn. Don’t know where that came from …


Hard pass on kettle corn for me. That shits not supposed to be sweet unless it’s still on the cob🤠



what does it mean that as soon as i saw this, my first impulse concerned the effectiveness of its midi implementation?


I wish the seasoned salt I use on my popcorn didn’t have an earnest Werner Herzog quote on the packaging, but this is the part of the world I live in.


Ah yes popcorn.
So great on so many levels
It’s where it all began, paving the way for electronic music as we know it today
Electronic music will be forever in your debt


just imagine his zek chelovek character from that tom cruise movie of a few years back.

then imagine it’s his face on the jar of kernels.


I too went into the supermarket today only to notice there’s a popcorn maker setting there for customers to fill a bag and I did, thinking of this thread


Did you tell the cashier?

“It’s for the internet…”


It means there is 0 chance of a KRNL32 crash. It’s a sign, as far as maize is concerned.


“I’m not responsible. The internet made me do this …”


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@dubathonic You are a master withdrawer


i was just getting warmed up


like the PoptKorn© i am analog, as it were


@psyclone001 was right, It’s just my lounge room… Some call it “wilderness”, I call it the “living” room…
It’s huge you probably have been there before… :grin:


I’m done with popcorn…