I’m done with Elektron


You kinda made me switch off when you mentioned ‘antioxidants’. Let’s look up the term and then rewrite the ad copy.


I’m SO OVER that dog. Not at all fooled by the cuteness. An mp3 listening popcorn fanatic if I ever saw one. :popcorn: :dog2:


One word.



Holy crap, total mind warp here, when I saw the still picture I actually thought those were poodles and didn’t think anything of it. I guess I was too focused on the lady’s weird ass arm & leg implants. It wasn’t until I watched the video that I realized… those aren’t poodles…


If you have one laying around feel free to send it my way. I’ll even pay for the shipping since I’m nice!


:laughing: Dont fall for his shit either lol





As promised.

Check out those schmantidoxants, @bradleyallen


Brilliant <3


I’m done with Stickers


EXTRA butter with salt and pepper :stuck_out_tongue:


Do none of you freaks put hot sauce on your popcorn? Amateurs…


First pepper then hot sauce, you animals. I never considered popcorn as a food canvas but it is pretty neutral now I think about it. I wonder if I could chuck popcorn in with nachos and chuck some cheese, jalapeños on it without it being weird


You better patent that shit quick


Nacho cheese on popcorn is good stuff. As is tapatio.


Trader Joe’s (if you have one in your region) sometimes has dill pickle popcorn. Different, but pretty good.

Also I can’t figure out how to make this show as an image :frowning:


Consider it my gift to the world. @jefones im gonna have to google what tapatio is


Its a kind of vinegar based hotsaouce. Pretty common though I dont personally care for it. Im more of a sriracha/tabasco kind of guy