I’m done with Elektron





WTF does that have to do with anything lol? You guys are pretty funny.




Am I in the right thread


Oh man, was expecting to see the mighty Hindu God Ganesh

But tragically just saw a dude :joy:



Right. I’m making popcorn tonight. I’ll post a picture to prove it. Who’s with me?

Bonus if the popcorn’s by your synth station as well. My Prophet’s already looking forward to it.

Since it’s morning here in Sweden now, I’ll see you in a few hours.


I exist simultaneously on multiple planes of existence and frequencies… A pandimension thoughtform construct appearing as the observed on the material plane in contrast to the awareness or self that knows it’s observing on the higher wavelengths… To see my true form you must look deep inside yourself…
The “dude” you saw was only a reflection of the limited scope of your own perception, open yourself up, and I shall change forms accordingly…

In the meantime scope these wacky mortals… :joy:




LMFAO :joy:
That weird and twisted poodle shot will do me just fine :+1:



Oh shit man stop it, you’re killing me here :joy:


Is that picture of the dear from Todaiji Temple in Kyoto?

Looks familiar, like I’ve been there before…


I actually have a minor popcorn addiction. I buy the kernels in 2kg bags. Pan-popped beats air popped any day IMO, been refining my recipe to get close to that greasy cinema experience. Here’s a stupidly detailed guide:

  1. Pull out huge pot+lid, put on biggest burner
  2. Lots of kernels and sunflower oil
  3. Turn on heat
  4. Make powdered salt in pestle and mortar and Chuck it in
  5. Stir constantly till popping begins
  6. Lid on but ajar so steam can escape, keep shaking it
  7. Turn down heat gradually
  8. Once enough has popped, remove lid and turn off heat to avoid it burning or getting soggy
  9. Wait a few seconds for residual pops
  10. Profit

It’s destroying my teeth and skin but I can’t stop, send help


I saw Darth on a unicycle with bagpipe on regular basis for a little bit. That brought back some memories :joy:


At this point, I think it’s relevant to point out that popcorn are on their own, very health. Not only as snacks go, but as food go in general. They’re crammed with protein, anti-oxidants and vitamins, so they’re not just good for you as a substiute for snacks in general, but as food goes overall.

Frequently, I make hot air popcorn to my kids as a snack between lunch and dinner (or similar), pour some cold pressed olive oil on that and sprinkle just a little bit of salt. Healthy and awesome tasty.


Pretty sure that shots taken from @Open_Mike ‘s bedroom, looking into his lounge room :joy:


Looks familiar, like I’ve been there before…


You’re a sick sick man, get out of here with that you pervert


I have never thought I would be completely done with elektron boxes, and I dont think I ever will, even if I do ever go all in DAW with my music (which is highly doubtful)

The monomachine was the first elektron box I got, and I thought it was a quirky little synth with some cool features, but then as I learned it i really fell in love with it, I have sold my monomachine, and have had…3, maybe 4 now total, and still have it, though hardly ever use it, mostly because it doesnt fit in my live situations anymore.

Same with the machinedrum, have had a few of them, the last one I sold after getting a Rythm because I felt I had “too many” sequencers and there was a lot of overlap…well, after being without a machinedrum for a few years, I REALLY MISSED IT, and now have another one, which is great now because all the patterns and kits are full on my Rythm, so I can use my MD in studio, and my Rythm for my live gigs.

A4 is what brings my studio together, its the center piece between my groove machines and my modular, that will never go anywhere.

I tried SO HARD to love the octatrck, and have had two of them, and thing it does cool things, but I just dont get it, so I will probaby stay away from that.

I have no desire to get any of the new machines though, not now anyways, I just dont feel I need anymore of that kind of gear. I need a MIXER (are you hearing that Elektron??), im sure you could whip up a sick one with a sequencer and effects…

There are other groove boxs that I have from other companies that I would quickly let go if I had to over my elektrons, howver I do enjoy having those around as something else to work on and be inspired differently.

I dont know, different strokes for different folks as they say


Here’s a picture of my dog. I AM SO DONE WITH HIM UGH