I’m done with Elektron


Fun fact: more people are killed by popcorn each year than all of the deaths of the two world wars combined.


Not sure if serious or eating popcorn.


Just came home. What are we having?


Not popcorn!
(Just kidding, it’s popcorn)


Well, then popcorn it is :popcorn:


Was hoping for a good steak, though


Elektron is not a meat company, sorry.


I had the chance to test run my new A4 MKII last night in a jam session with other musicians and was impressed at how well it cut through the mix! At first I was worried about how good the bass would sound on it based on past reviews but the bass was quite nice and drums as well. Workflow was much faster than what I accomplished in the past with a DAW and laptop and in confined spaces very helpful to have just one box to play live sets! I am now trying to find creative ways to add it to the OT and other gear.


Again with the popcorn. Your post is good but way off topic, son. Throw some buttered corn in there and then we’re talking.



hey I love popcorn especially with real butter and himalayan salt :slight_smile:


Ah come on! You’d never bore with Elektron Carnivore :meat_on_bone:


I prefer my popcorn done in a whirley pop with duck fat and truffle salt. Nom


well lah di dah now I feel like an uncultured swine with a bag of salted

Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

Sh*t I thought I was the house wingnut, now I’m confused… :joy:
Oh well, I’ll play ball…



Cool, at least now we know what you look like!


I’m actually in this clip of the river I posted the other day on the alternative thread for a split second…
Don’t look if you want to think of me as a space ape, rainbow guitar man, solar eclipse, or a Unicorn hangin at the pyramids on the astral plane… (my cycle of avatars):grin:


I could barely take the suspense. Then it was like, “Oh, it’s just a guy.” Man, way to kill the mystery!


You were warned, I didn’t make you click! :joy:
I usually don’t where shades… :sunglasses: But man the enormous crystal shoved into the hole in our sky to filter the hyperuranian light from beyond our universe was not working at prime efficiency and my retinas were feelin it…


What has this thread become!