I’m done with Elektron


And that, sir, wins the thread

Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

That’ll be an extra bowl of popcorn to you, mate.


I should add that I make a pretty damn fine bowl
of popcorn.


Seriously, I’ve been making a lot of popcorn at home lately. Getting real into it. Weighing the kernels, getting the ratio just right. And it’s been very satisfying.


You guys make me think an Elektron Popcorn Maker would be hugely successful.


It’s an art, for sure. Once you go for hot air popcorn, there’s no turning back.


It’ll go along nicely with the teenage engineering/ikea disco party pack


My farm grows organic popcorn but I have been having trouble getting it to fully pop, any tips?

I’m defininately not done with elektron or the Digitakt but I was really in love with the idea of a Digitone when it launched but I feel my interest in it keeps on getting less and less… I know a lot of people are very happy with it but after the cuckoo tutorial and his sample set built from the Digitone I have lost quite a bit of interest in the machine. I normally really like his stuff but something just feels a bit boring from his work with the Digitone calling back too often to classic systems. I know there is really cool stuff trapped away in the machine but when you can fully midi cc sequence a knob perfunction synth from a Digitakt it gets harder and harder for me to think the Digitone will add enough to my pallet to be worth while for the amount of complexity it will add especially when it feels like more and more crazy new digital synths are going to be entering the scene (Exodus Digital Valkyrie).


I love you man, but your done with a Elektron, yet you still have a DT this whole time? I thought that meant you didn’t have any Elektrons… :joy:

And then you busted it out, it was awesome, but your still done with them, and keeping the Elektron… :thinking:

If you were really done with them I would take that to mean that you don’t have one and pull it out once in awhile and like it… That’s like me saying I’m done riding bikes but once in awhile I ride one and it’s great, or something like that… Hahah

I’m not personally judging you or anything, but the logic doesn’t quite compute with me…
I don’t think your your done with them… :joy: your just done with it being a primary everyday component of your musical workflow/journey… No offense, just sayin… :rofl:


When popping on the stove, I wait until the oil’s heated up, close to setting on fire. Then I pour the corn and when the pop’s at its most intense, I turn off the heat. And remove the container as the popping starts to settle.

That which you said about Elektron and stuff was also good, but helping a fellow to a nice batch of popcorn seems more urgent now.


What’s this got to do with popcorn?

Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

New for 2018:

Elektron PoptKorn©

Available from fine retailers and snack merchants. MSRP $895 USD/EUR, 7000SEK


Sorry, way off topic… :joy:


Yeah, c’mon man. Who’s done with what? You’re making no sense now. Come on over, I’ll make you a bowl and we can jam together on my brand new Analog Rytm MKII I just got with my Octatrack I picked up for the third time.


Did somebody drug your Oatmeal this morning?
If so save me some and I’m heading over straight away… :joy:


I got three kids. I put drugs in oat meal every day.

Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

You are now subscribed to the FBI watchlist™


I started that list. You’ve all been on it since the SID Station. Including those Nauts who weren’t even born when SID was around.


I’m done with popcorn


You don’t quit popcorn. Popcorn quits you.