I’m done with Elektron


Interesting words from @basehead617 and you… But I also, find working with multiple sequencers at the same time inspiring too… P-locks is not really the same a automation-line… it’s more like Note Expression in Bitwig to me… And when working on construction, LIVE takes usually gives us path, section, ideas and it’s very important to unlock that :wink:

And I think if you handle well every techniques it open doors in creativity to work only with the best of both world. (if you get your setup well with not too much machine too…)

Some may agree, some not. (of course)

I think personally the more People and Equipment are open-minded… the Less people struggle or stuck in Loop because Construct a track IS UNLOCKING yourself or the good loop you find to reach another Level.


This … and try to avoid wrong expectations … take it as is … be creative … have fun.

Is’nt it sad that so many people waste their time to be frustrated about an issue, which could have been avoided mentally?


“Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity” (a book from David Allen) is a priority management thing and it’s widely adopted for all such of things. When you have a goal you need to know yourself, your priorities in your Life goals (Professional and Personal) and handle all smartly. it’s not so easy as humor, mental and health + collateral damage have a impact on everything.

Finding is own way to be creative and productive as well is “actions” to take and they should be different regarding people as we all different. Some tricks could work on someone and some failed.

Sometimes people reproach things to gears and brand… they may be right in the sense “I almost found the perfect device for me” but also blame it in the sense of ease. I obviously do not judge anyone because in essence it is subjective to everyone.


That’s an artform of its own


Reading this one at the moment… it’s good and is quite the eye opener




How I love these little links, thanks! OT time it is



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To bring this back on the topic I started, I had a moment the other day where I brought out the Digitakt again to just experiment with Midi Conditional Trigs into the Prophet 6. I’d never explored those before, nor made proper use of the Midi sequencer other than a way to record more complex sequences from the Prophet that I didn’t have the patience to learn, and get it right through live recording.

Dear lord, how those conditional trigs made the Prophet shine. And it was quite radiant to begin with. To have one midi track apply conditional notes as well as parameters - in this case, the amp sustain, filter resonance and cut-off, sub-oscillator volume and hi pass filter cutoff - made me realise how remarkable Elektron’s instruments are when you find these depths, disregarding my own increasingly growing distance from them.

It wasn’t just that the sequencer in the Digitakt is quite capable as is, it was the fact that it made the Prophet perform tricks that just wouldn’t be possible in any other way, and how responsive the Prophet was to those tricks. As it if had been yearning to be played not only as a damn fine keyboard, but as an instrument capable of amazing nuances and organics, if it was pushed in those directions.

It didn’t make me change my mind, but it did reinforce the notion I have that Elektron’s instruments really are in a league of their own.

Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

Yesterday I connected a Korg MS20… really had fun!! <3


Deja Zzzzzzzzz much? Mild case of Revolving Door Syndrome - hope you work it out bruv. Not bashing you just IMHO more click-bait flouncing from someone who is a communications pro isn’t very classy. (I seem to remember you offering Elektron advice on how to do better comms?). Maybe edit the title so this thread can idle gently into that good night and we can all get back to discussing gender politics, craft ales, spirituality, the TR8S and Elektrons amazing legacy machines and new Digitone ninja FM boomshakalak. Oops I’ve just taken the bait .:rofl:

Title suggestions

  1. Gone with the Wind
  2. Ulysses (Elektron in the context of Homers Odyssey)
  3. GroundHog Day 2 - 21st Century Problems


Analog Four in contrast with Moog and other synths

That feeling when someone shows up to the party a month after the fact… and then starts giving advice to the host. :crazy_face:


I’ve had ups and downs with the A4. But now it’s fully appreciated as a very fine tool to create songs. I think it all comes down to how to create the best workflow that works for you. The tools (gear) have their purpose and work in the way they are designed.


That feeling when the movie is 30 minutes longer than it should have been but you’re all still sitting there anyway munching on XXL popcorn and dying for the bathroom.


You had me on popcorn :heart_eyes:


AND you can have multiple MIDI tracks on the DT pointing to the same MIDI channel to overlap even more of this stuff. Yes, you know you want to.


Fire up some more popcorn, this show’s just getting started.


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I’m done with being done. I’m always just getting started.