I’m done with Elektron


To quote myself from this very thread


“I’m just getting started “ was exactly what was running in my mind as I opened this thread tonight after my session. OT got my jaw hitting the floor thanks to ur tips!!





Anyone cool is pretending they like using trackers in 2018 :grinning:


I play spoons and my live visuals are flip books.


Amazing … thanks for the link.

BTW … I have got a harp myself … maybe I should not play Irish music on the instrument only :wink:


I hope this doesn’t offend you, and probably not what you’re looking for, but this sounds like you maybe want to consider using a DAW maybe?

Of course, that opens up a whole bag of options and possibilities, but maybe it might work to simply ignore all of those and limit yourself to using it purely as a set of tracks for you to stick pieces of tape on.

Some of the modern DAWs even offer pleasant interfaces that allow you to collapse most panels so that you can focus only on the task of arranging the recordings you made previously:


Don’t feel bad. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you prefer a certain type of instrument and that Elektron simply doesn’t offer those for you right now.


Thanks. You absolutely do not offend me. I totally appreciate you caring and engaging with advise and good suggestions.

For that purpose, I’ve dabbled a bit with Cubase on the iPad. It’s not bad. With a proper sound card for the purpose, I can see this working for me.

But as it happens, as this thread went on to live its own life, I picked up an OP-1 from a fellow Elektronaut. I’ve been eyeing the OP-1 for some time anyway, and have heard from different users who’ve had it for awhile, that it might just be the ticket for what I want to do. So I’m gonna give that a shot.

Also, I’ve actually - just cause it’s fun - started to design a hardware porta of my own, for the ages. Essentially, on the drawing board, I now have an idea for a porta recorder inspired by the tactile and physical approach to recording as per the OP-1, but takes the result and processing of it from the Octatrack.

I mean, that’s how the Deluge started, like an idea on paper that Rohan built and then sold to a few friends. I’ve got people around me who can help me build this thing, so I figured, why not?


@andreasroman Have you ever considered using a midi controller like the BCR2000? It would give you all the knobs you’ll ever need.


thanks for this, should be in town around May.
I love the Texas Theater, saw Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45 last time I visited.


Haven’t, not really, but I appreciate the thought.

I should underline that I’m good with the gear I got now, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything or want anything, when this recording solution falls into place. I’ve got a fairly substantial amount of sequences, sections and loops collected into the sequencers of the Prophet and the Moog, so once I get them all into place, I’ve got a clear idea of what I want to do.

Convenience is a factor, though, due to the somewhat odd layout of my workspace (it’s spread out). Not odd by choice, but by necessity, for now. Which is why the OP-1’s scoring a lot of points on its functional value of just being very easy to carry around, and with battery power to boost.


Got a feeling the OP-1 enthusiasm won’t last unfortunately


Alright, I got the feeling that perhaps the problem was somewhat of a “unable to see the forest for all the trees”-scenario. I myself ditched the computer because of the endless possibilities, the endless search. I wanted to get away from all the nights I simply was searching and searching for something I didn’t know what it was. I still sometimes get the same feeling with the gear I have today though. So the BCR2000 really helped me ease the feeling. Once set up properly I don’t have to worry about as much gear, as long as I know which presets on the BCR controls which instrument and which of its functions. Just thought that perhaps a dedicated hardware “knob-center” that can control any of your gear would help you out.


Thanks, that’s very considerate of you. I have just the Prophet-6 and the Moog Mother 32, and the DFAM incoming, and that’s it. They’re all very knobby, so my focus truly is on starting to record and put things together now. But your idea makes sense, a total control unit that becomes your instrument, playing the instruments so to speak, is not a bad idea.


If you’re after something to put together stuff you’ve made on other synths which is portable, maybe look at mpc live? Hasn’t got the synths etc like op-1 but is easier to flesh out tracks with.

I have the op1 and it’s great but I wouldn’t want to arrange stuff on the tape tracks. Its more for coming up with stuff to arrange elsewhere imo.

Regarding the done with elektron thing. I think it depends on mindset, programming Vs playing. I love to play synths live which doesn’t really jive with the elektron way. I often get frustrated with not being able to make complex melodies and harmonies on the elektron gear. At first I thought I could add live playing to the elektron patterns but found that once using the p locks there was no room left in the mix for this.


I’ve just started with Elektron and there is a lot to learn but really enjoying there products. It’s all about creativity but you have to enjoy using the hardware you own. I also have been playing drums for 30 years and I will never get tired of playing them.


There is and always has been a massive difference between hardware jams and making a complete produced and arranged finished track.

You don’t necessarily choose the same tools for both ways of working.

A lot of the push and pull on gear forums is because of this.


Wise words … IMO Elektron made if difficult for themself, when they introduced Overbridge. It made many users think that the Elektron boxes would become a kind of hardware-plug-in and fit in the workflow like the usual software. But those machines are designed to be played live as a musical instrument in first place. A hardware wouldn’t need to have p-locks or even a sequencer, if it’s operated by a DAW only.