I’m done with Elektron


We have a nice little scene here in Minneapolis too. A bunch of peeps performing live electronic music with Elektron, and all sorts of other gear. We have a monthly at a local spot where we DJ cassettes, and occasionally invite different acts to play.

Making beats with Volcas, modular gear, boutiques, whatever floats anyone’s boats. No complaining about limitations. No drama. Just music.


Well, with the 4 voices of an A4 the desire to complement it with an OT or DT isn’t so irrational to me …


If Overbridge had never been a thing, I think most people would be quite happy at this point.


I live in a small NorCal town but it’s super heady and we have a really good music scene drawing electronic artists from all over the west coast like Bay Area, L.A., Seattle, and even further. Multiple shows a week in town from fairly well known artists. I’ve lived here since 2005 and that whole time I’ve only seen one A4 in somebody’s studio, and in my thirteen years hear I have never seen an Elektron on stage, and have met nobody who has ever heard of them before except the guy with the A4…


That’s wild. What’s some of the more commonly used gear you see?


That strikes me as odd because I see the OT in so many people’s setups. For instance, Joel aka Golden Donna has been playing a lot of shows here recently, and he rocks out the OT. I’m super surprised you haven’t seen more OT’s in NorCal; it seems really popular for live electronic acts.


I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, but still I’ve never seen them. Personally the only OT I’ve ever seen in person is mine…
I’d say 90% of what I’ve seen is ableton or tracktor…


Honestly I haven’t experienced the hardware craze from what I’ve seen in town, I just read about it online…
I’m one of sneaky hardware guys around here but don’t play gigs with them yet…
I’ve noticed a few people getting the new electribes, but they’re still pretty glued to ableton and just dabbling…


Right?! I’ve been returning to the thread a few times, and each time I get very confused how the thread went in the direction it went.


I’m in l.a. The scene which I participate in it is incredible difficult for an electronic musician to book a show or “get in” with the active collectives without a hardware setup (generally with at least on elektron box present) and a stack of cassettes to sell. And to even further divide the scene its modular vs other hardware a lot of the time. It’s rather awful.


Great finding … :+1:

but this song is very acoustic and smooth … those girls could play “Enter Sandman” with their harps too, but there would never be that Metallica feeling … it would be very sweet, though :wink:


Same here. I was ‘cool’ back when I was making beats on a Serge Modular and most people didn’t even know what a modular was. But I was almost too ahead of my time. Now I’m using basic gear and fit into neither petty scene. That’s fine. As long as I stay arms-length away from the academic/avant-garde scene as well as the so-called noise scene, I’m golden.


I think it’s cool when people use what they really enjoy. It makes music better when people stop trying to be cool or like someone else. I’ve been teaching myself to play the clarinet - mostly jazzy and trippy eastern inspired stuff - over dance beats. It adds a wilder sense of presence to the mix. Yet its about the least cool instrument for a guy to play, but it’s fun so far and made parts of tracks sound much more fresh and alive to my ear anyway…


The only real cool, is when your not trying or wanting to be cool at all… :wink:

When you fully put yourself into something nobody thinks is cool and strut that shit, that’s fucking cool to me…


You just need to ask https://open.spotify.com/album/0sgH1wN62esj0TsAdoClM1
Those girls play Enter Sandman on Harp too.


Ah, but that makes you cool now because you aren’t using a modular now. :wink:

Used to be the case rebels had tatoos and beards, now that everyone has them it means you are a conformist if you have, and a rebel if not :rofl:

Modular was peak cool about 6 years ago, now it is passe because everyone is doing it :joy:

Using a hardware only setup used to be cool, but now that everyone is doing it using a DAW is cool again :sunglasses:

Of course I’m just joking…DAWs will never be cool :joy:


All this analysis about ‘cool’ reminds me why it’s important to not worry about anyone but yourself as best you can :slight_smile:


It’s disappointing to hear that the scene has become all about the scenesters. I read stuff like this and I’m reminded why I decided to build a career instead of trying to pursue music professionally.


For me I’ve always understood the local I live in a never pursued music as a career, l.a. Is incredibly over saturated with musicians, djs, artist, actors etc. I have a pretty cool career which leave me evening and weekends open for active exploration into performing music as hobby. I’ve never felt the pressure to conform to a scene cause music doesn’t pay my bills. So I generally float around the fringes doing my thing.
There are some people here that are really about just making good music or good art but not as many as one would expect in a city of 4 million.


I’m done with the I’m done with Elektron thread.