I’m done with Elektron


Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not in your hands where a topic heads and while the subject title may seem controversial at first it’s a valid topic which you explained without pointing fingers or anything. To be honest, I could see a whole different, equally valid discussion under the same headline. It wouldn’t be pleasant but well deserved nonetheless and I feel that as long as it’s kept civil there should be - and actually is - room for it on these forums, too.


Overanalysing and aggressive much?!

For those who know @andreasroman from posts over the years the thread title and post make perfect sense and interesting reading! No one can control where their thread meanders to.

Elektron is like the music equivalent to Apple in many ways. Once bitten by the Elektron bug you do feel a sense of Pokemon gotta catch them all about things. For many it works out. For a few they come to a point in time where the whole thing isn’t quite for them. Both results are fine and sharing thoughts on the whole things is more than fine in my opinion. Good to have constructive insight of the rough and the smooth.


I am conquered with the digitakt unit.
Must take time with the samples Edition…
…and the Result be great


It depends on the musician, whether a step-sequencer/synth combination is less stylistic rather than a guitar. … :wink:

Technically speaking, the potential of many electronic instruments allows much more stylistic expression, than any mechanical instrument (like a guitar, or a violine). IMO not all electronic musicians exploit this potential deep enough and if this is compared to a great guitar playing musician, well … :wink:

Just as an example … the guitar produces guitar sounds and six notes on a standard instrument at a time. A good guitar player may play a bass line and a lead melody applying fingerstyle. Now take a groove box like the A4. There are many more sounds and sound shapes possible with basic tone generator/filter than on a guitar. There are four lines, which can be played independently. There can be different rhythms, which a single person could not do on one instrument. Same goes for the OT, which can control up to eight lines.

With enough musical ideas and experience an electronic musician can have an orchestra at his finger tips, perform many styles, interpret his composition every now and then. It’s at least not less stylistic than playing guitar excellently, it’s only different :wink:


Only when you reach Operating Thetan (OT) level can you then safely leave the collective.


Can you play Wonderwall on an A4 though?


Nahh but I can bang out a mean washing machine pattern on repeat, with a few whale sounds.


Has to be the Next synth challenge!


Whe send the winner A4 wonderwall cover to Liam. I heard he loves electronic music


Would I play Metallica on a concert harp? No :wink:

I think it’s not about that each instrument is good for each genre. I was talking about stylistic flexibility and whether a classical mechanical instrument is more expressive compared to an electronic instrument.

As a matter of fact, even a simple monophonic synthesizer with subtractive syntesis offers more options for stylistic expression than a classical mechanical instrument. That is not about mechanical vs electronical. It’s about a musician understanding the instrument and get the best from it :wink:


Bullshit Liam doesn’t like anything :joy:


Totally get it, was just fooling around. The grey areas between acoustic/electronic are always really interesting to me. Recently came across this Knobs video of a reverb pedal designed to make your guitar sound like it was sampled and chopped. Thought that was a very cool design statement https://youtu.be/QrPpxCW4EzI


And there are beautiful acoustic sounds I gave up to emulate with a synthesizer … I got the real thing instead and learned to play it :wink:


I have to say that with Elektron gear you can do whatever: live performance, studio production, sound design and doodling. But when it comes to produce songs and arrangements, it can be very limiting. I don’t think Elektron is having their darkest hour, but I do think they lost something along the way… I remember Daniel (from Elektron) demonstrating the MDUW few (many) years ago and how he was making beats live and constantly evolving… that was it!! that was (is) the power of those machines: sound amazing, playable live like an instrument with may functions, but NOT overwhelming. So I do agree on the “to may options” dilemma… And yes, I do go back to my MD more often then the other Elektron boxes for the same reason.
Also (on the topic of frustration with half baked products): i remember the Elektron user forum before this one and how it was exiting to push the capabilities of the MD and MM with wild experimentation and tricks, and the every little update were celebrated but not expeted: like “they don’t have to… Elektron is soooo cool!!”.
Now I read just complains on delays for OS updates and Overbridge and how cool is the next Elektron product.
So I think the spirit is almost gone… Elektron boxes were deep to explore and easy to use (not hard to learn and use) and people made much more effort to push the limitation in creative and experimental ways to create and perform.
Elektron is dead… long live Elektron!


Exactly. And he’s someone that constantly talks about how great Elektron is. Crazy behavior IMO.


I missed those days (didn’t know about elektron back then) but I still visit the Elektron users forum, cause there were many interesting musical discussions, not so much about gear I feel.
That said, I have to admit that I participate in most gear related threads :thinking:


The “Elektron Forum” is for all sorts of things, including passing praise as well as criticism. This thread has simply proved that there are in fact quite a lot of disgruntled Elektron users and this forum is exactly the place to voice those concerns albeit in a respectful manner.


Yes it sounds great in theory, though unfortunately when Elektron is questioned on their forum, even justifiably and respectfully as has been done here, it generally won’t end in a civil manner


The collective has been alerted. Escape from assimilation is futile.


This is a good thread! It’s interesting because Elektron make amazing stuff, but it’s stuff that’s not for everyone and not for every project, and there is still nothing quite like it. However anytime you go against the grain people will often worry. Like if you start smoking your friends who don’t smoke will worry, and to the contrary if you then quit smoking your friends who smoke will now worry that you’ve quit. If you don’t do what’s expected of you by others they’ll often see it as going astray. It’s just another way. (Existential commentary brought to you by Nike)