I’m done with Elektron


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Looks like he’s got knees problems too: https://perctrax.bandcamp.com/album/british-steel


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Dear lord. I did NOT need to see that. :open_mouth: :slight_smile:


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I’m no native english speaker, but I’m pretty sure there’s a pun on the title. :smirk:


20 years ago: bought a machine (including manual if lucky), that was all … lol


Wanna try it urgently :slight_smile:


Nah. I just got here a little over a year ago. I’ve sold everything else but my Elektron boxes.


I think the OP is just rationalizing his GAS. By vilifying an entire brand you can justify selling multiple pieces of gear, thus freeing up the space and funds to buy multiple NEW PIECES OF GEAR!

For example, if I proclaimed “I’m done with Fender guitars” I could free up enough money to buy a room full of synths — or maybe even a semi-functional modular. And it sure would be fun to play with all that new stuff. The “research” (i.e. shopping), waiting for packages to arrive, hooking it all up and reading the manuals would be so distracting that I wouldn’t even feel guilty about not working on music. I could convince myself I was accomplishing something by “switching it up” or “taking a stand” against some perceived slight by a popular brand.

Or maybe that’s just me. I say do whatever makes you happy, but try to be honest about it.


Ever mess around with a Spire studio audio interface? It sounds incredible to my ears there’s something it does to whatever runs through it that’s really smooth and HIFI, maybe it’s the pre amps I don’t know but it’s a fun little eight track set up


I think he just feels like more of a keyboard player than a plocky/slicey/sequencer guy, but everyone just jumped to overbridge being late and what ever else bothers them, and pretty much missed the point…


Haha, for sure :blush: I’m not planning on buying new stuff, and I feel very confident with my place in all of this. I’m gonna use the OP-1 as a recording solution for now, the Prophet 6 being my main board with the Mother on more funky stuff and a DFAM for drums.

There’s literally nothing out there that I want now, which is a result of having learned and accepted these parts about my good old-fashioned self.


Interesting. So this doesn’t really have anything to do with Elektron. It’s just someone going through a downsizing / simplifying phase.

That’s totally cool, it’s just weird to turn it into brand bashing.


I agree totally. As I’ve stated in this thread, my respect and appreciation for Elektron remains at an all time high. This thread was about personal discovery and arriving to a place due to that, of which I am very grateful that Elektron has been a
part of.

I am a bit disappointed that it turned into a mob from time to time, but maybe I was naive.


So what exactly was your objective? You started a thread called “I’m done with Elektron” on the Elektron forum but you don’t want people to think you’re bashing the company?

Maybe you should examine your communication skills as part your journey of self discovery. But no offense. I’m just trying to help.

Edited to add a potentially constructive thought: we all move on from gear we enjoy for all kinds of reasons. However, most of us don’t start an “I’m done with X” thread about it precisely because it will (of course) be perceived as a criticism. So if we don’t feel critical about the gear or the company — if, in fact we like it but have just moved on — why would we publicly criticize it?


Thanks. I’ll take it to heart, for sure. Good point.


Yeah unfortunately a thread title like that was never going to go down well on an Elektron forum


Like most things, it was great at first, and then it went south when someone mentioned Overbridge.

That’s like the Voldemort of Elektronauts.


Well, it’s a total clickbait thread title. I couldn’t come up with something more “controversial” and bound to incite argument and defensiveness if I tried. I still don’t understand the objective, and I don’t blame anyone for bringing up Overbridge.