I’m done with Elektron


Is there a patch for getting off Elektron’s? :joy:
To minimize withdrawal symptoms?


Aye, when I quit smoking my friends acted like I’d turned into an anti smoking preacher man when I only even spoke about it when they brought up me quitting. Now everyone’s mostly quit and it turns out I was right anyway, smoking is bad for you :man_shrugging:


I’ll just point out that name calling is a terrible way to start a post.

For those who don’t know him, the thread title and post seem designed to generate a backlash. That’s fine, but it’s weird to bash a company and then pretend you’re not doing it. It would be more constructive to point out specifically what’s wrong with Elektron products and/or why other devices work better for you.

If I have to know this person’s entire posting history to get those details, then obviously the message will be lost on me and anyone else who’s not a student of this forum.

Thanks for trying to explain the concept. The idea that people collect Elektron boxes like Pokémon and then decide to abandon the whole “collectible set” seems ridiculous to me (and pretty far from any actual issues with a device’s suitability for making music) but maybe it explains this bizarre behavior.

I don’t think your Apple comparison holds up at all. In general, people aren’t buying Apple stuff as a collectible set based on the completionist drive that fuels Pokémon. And unlike Elektron, the Apple ecosystem is a very real thing. There are features that only exist when you combine (otherwise independent) Apple devices with Apple software and services, there are proprietary or uncommon protocols that limit connectivity with non-Apple devices, and there’s a real cost to leaving the ecosystem once you’ve invested in Apple compatible apps and stored a bunch of your data on Apple cloud services. All of those things are true for other platforms like Google/Android but literally none of them apply to Elektron.

Otherwise, great post!


You’re forgetting how invested people are in cool points, I’d argue that losing the claim to being an elektromon master matters a lot more for some people than buying a different phone brand to their laptop


Elektromon master…Excellent. The collective status database will be updated and the Queen of the collective will be pleased with your contribution. You have avoided being digitoned.


It’s always important to read the original post… Thread titles are often misleading, it’s very common for people to respond to the title instead of the clarity of the inquiry detailed in the original post, especially after the thread gets bigger.

I find this thread in particular rather enigmatic, did OP realize the thread title would ensue such reactions?
From his past replies my guess is no, it literally was a continuation of the gear saga we’ve been reading for years… Is it OP that should have been more carefull with the thread title, or should OP not have to consider that other people might misunderstand it, and assume they would carefully read the original post to understand the topic?

It is definitely a provocative title if you’ve been following Elektron’s recent history, but it seems strange to have to think about a thread title so much and worry that tons of people will react to it…

Curious this thread, indeed…


Hmm yes very curious. I wonder where you stand OM, with us or against us? Hmmmm?


I have voodoo dolls of every single user avatar on here… #OctacultLeader
They can run but they can’t hide…


Classic andreasroman move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I definitely won’t be surprised to see you posting a new thread in a few months on how the DigiTone is the one and only piece of kit you’ll ever need.
I’m teasing, but gouging too, all in fun.

I definitely understand where your coming from. I’ve played in a variety of bands using multiple instruments, and make music on sequencer boxes.
Been through so many rigs.
Definitely found true love on the Dark Trinity, but miss some bread and butter the A4 can’t bring.
Some days I miss playing guitar in a motorik band, and someday I will again.

There’s kind of a booming electronic scene in my town right now. Everyone goes to everyone’s shows and nerds out on gear. People trip out on my Elektrons, but many look and think, yeah that’s just not how I work, I play a few keayboards to a vintage drum machine.


Sounds like a cool town, where is this?


Dallas TX oddly enough.


Well, the Minitaur is exactly made for this and is rather simply built. The A4/AK is far more sophisticated, more like a high-end-general-purpose-machine for a rather narrow sound-aesthetic - a somehow conservative access sound-wise - an intellectual approach - like a dissection of a sound-body - surgically exact

but i understand your thoughts,
this was one of the reasons I bought the Minitaur and maybe in the future some other synths, but not a product from Elektron, not because I’m not satisfied, but highly saturated


I beg to differ. I know more than a few Apple nuts/obsessives who do the whole “completionist” thing. Often quite blindly too.

You chose not to see an ecosystem with Elektron devices but I would argue there is one. Sure, not to the extent that iOS offers but it is there. Multiple Elektron devices comparatively “talk” to each other very easily making it easier to create full songs and manage them in the hardware world for example. And I’m sure anyone who has invested heavily into an Octatrack could fairly easily argue there is a real cost to leaving that unit!

In any case, put “Apple” to one side, it’s not important. The point is that for many, once they bought their first Elektron box they are quickly planning ahead to their second and third. From my experience it seems an almost irrational desire to add further boxes at times.

I don’t find it ridiculous at all that folk can jump into something feet first then find after a time it isn’t for them. Examples of that can be found abundantly in every day life. Who hasn’t taken up a new hobby, for example, and spent a fortune only to abandon things somewhere down the line?! It happens, big deal.

Anyway, arguing about the original intentions of this thread just seems like a fine example of making mountains out of molehills. Even if this thread had been started by a complete stranger I don’t think it would have spurred me on to giving he or she a hard time about it.


Suprising to hear Dallas TX I was born and raised there


I visit Dallas quite often, where should I be looking?
I got my DFAM on last trip from GC. It was listed on the website so I went over, they didn’t know they had it, was sitting in the store room which was a result for me.


Well, those girls play Metallica with harps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xppNIBGzxYs


I’m sure there are a few. I said “in general” that’s not why people buy Apple stuff and that’s true. Most are not buying based on a completionist “collect them all” motivation.

It’s not that I “choose” not to see it. It’s that it doesn’t exist. Elektron boxes talk to each other over MIDI using standard MIDI messages, so they talk to each other no more or less easily than they talk to devices from other manufacturers. Your example of the Octratrack is one device in isolation. Ecosystem lock-in would occur if the Octatrack lost functionality when used with non-Elektron devices. That’s not the case as far as I know.

Hey, you brought up Apple. But sure we can put that aside since it’s not a useful comparison. I won’t argue for a second that people don’t do totally irrational things. That’s actually my point: to the extent people are collecting Elektron boxes like Pokemon, that’s on them. You can’t blame Elektron for people’s weird obsessions when the products themselves aren’t designed in a way that creates vendor lock-in. It’s fine to voice that kind of obsession on a forum but it’s also OK to say “that’s your problem, maybe you should deal with it.”

I probably didn’t make that point clearly. I totally agree – of course it’s not ridiculous to change your mind and switch things up. And no one is obligated to explain or defend it. I was referring specifically to the idea of collecting Elektron boxes as a set, in the way you claim people are collecting them, and then abandoning the set for reasons unrelated to actual purpose of the devices.

Even then, “ridiculous” is too strong and judgmental. I apologize if that felt aimed at anyone here. I’ll try to clarify by saying that, to me, it is strange to make decisions about musical gear based solely or primarily on perceived collectibility or a completionist motivation unless you’re actually a collector, in which case you aren’t buying things for their functionality in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with being a collector, but it’s useful to point that out so those of us interested in using these devices as instruments understand when someone’s decision to buy or abandon is based on a collector’s criteria.

It’s pretty clear we’re not going to agree, but that’s OK. It’s interesting to get insight into why people do what they do. I would have never even thought about people “collecting” Elektron boxes before this conversation. It seems ironic since Elektron devices actually stand out for being so self-contained (i.e. most have a fully functional sequencer) but maybe this collecting/completionist thing explains some of the strong feelings people have about these devices.


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This is my favorite part of this entire thread so far. A report of people making music and having fun, without a care in the world of what’s being discussed here.

None of the scrappy yung musicians I know out here who play shows have Elektron gear. It’s just not on their radar, or budget. These are boutique instruments made by a small company in Sweden. Even if you can order one with a few clicks, that’s still pretty rarefied air to be breathing.


Yeah, I’m 43, have a great job.
When I was 23 I would have loved any gear that cost 1000 bucks. However then $1000 was like 4 months rent and a fat sack of weed. Or a car