I just bought an OT Mk2

Well I have downloaded the manual and had been watching various videos on the subject for a while now… ut if any of you wise users think there is something I should really look at/read, feel free to write it down :slight_smile:


Don’t read Merlin‘s guide :wink:

Joking of course. My advice - watch some basic tutorial videos.
Read the first section of the manual where the project structure is explained.
And get your fingers dirty. Learning by doing. Look stuff up on the fly. Don’t try to grasp everything at once.

Of course you can rtfm but I would fall asleep a hundred times. I‘d rather play with my new OT.


Max Marco’s excellent OT vids on Youtube would be my suggestion.


Setup a base project. Something not too important. Use this to learn new skills. Don’t save anything on it. Just use one pattern if you can. If you can make the same effect 3 or 4 times in a row, you can then go to a new project and use it. Otherwise the frustration of creating and learning to push the creative process will not be so fun heh.

But yea. This:


In 2022??? Does this make sense?


not yet, but in a few weeks look through old OT user questions here and try to answer them to yourself … if you can’t the answers will usually be below

imho a good way to learn is by doing small things like this to build up some understanding of total scope, rather than being led by your own instincts or narrow understanding - it’s less overwhelming

but of course, watch tutorials and read the manual through to get a sense of what’s possible, then take time to begin learning and learn how to adapt to your preferred workflow/needs


This is a good video too:


In line with the comments up there, my suggestion would be: Take your time. Every machine and every effect leaves (sometimes a lot of) room for exploration. Also, this forum is a gold mine to find out about any OT subject you can imagine (but you know that already) :blush:


The OT Noob Questions thread is full of juicy jewels and tidbits of info. I’m almost 2 years into my OT journey and I still refer my questions to that thread if I can’t find the answer elsewhere.
Also, Congratulations! Give yourself time to learn, have patience with yourself and with the machine. The OT does what you tell it to, and in learning how to do so, you can tell it to do things that will really confuse you by mistake.


In 2022?!

Just kidding. Fantastic move - have fun.


Octatrack!? Sense!??


Got mine about a week ago. Already having much fun jamming with live sampling and mangling and layering with the original signals. Cutting back and forth between live and sampled loops. Techno skills +10!

I scanned Merlin’s guide. Helpful but limited, not deep, I found (I have many years of MDUW, MnM and AR under my belt). Then worked through the manual, alternated with some yt vids, until I got my live sampling setup going and rolling from there.


I ordered mine on December 30th 2021 just to be sure I received a still relevant one :wink:


Then read it again.

Getting your head around this is key to not losing stuff, also remember that all 8 recorders are always available to record, and that if you want to save the contents of the buffers to remember how easy it is to save them, or record over them :laughing:


Take your time! I’m on OT #3 (and many others have bought and sold it many times). It can feel slow, overwhelming, and cumbersome - until you it clicks. Even then, you’ll probably only master 1 or 2 features at a time, so it will probably still be mysterious for years!


I am all in for happy accidents

I actually did this yesterday night while I was trying to convince myself not to get an OT :slight_smile:
Still confusing… Mounting a project… Will see when it gets there :slight_smile:

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Really thankful for all the advice received here

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Bought one years ago and it did not click. Finally sold it. Now that I am much more Elektron proficient I may get another. When I do my main focus will be using it to mangle and rearrange loops. That is the primary reason for me to get one. Don’t really need a loop player, mixer, etc… as so many other things will do that now. But the OT still leads the pack when it comes to mangling the loops to make something new.

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Save often! Also, sampled material is not saved until you save it. Many times I turned the OT off and poof, gone.

Good luck, it’s as great as it’s frustrating. When it works, awesome, when it’s being ornery, take a walk!