I hooked an electromagnetic pickup to my field recorder and you won't believe the sounds that came out

Sorry about the tabloid, click-bait topic title. :wink:

…but it’s kinda true. Who needs synths when you have cool sound sources and a nice little sampler?


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Wow! Can you share a bit about the pickup you used in this video? Is it just an ordinary acoustic pickup, or did you find one that is more sensitive to electronic equipment?

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Looks similar to some of the accessories from the Koma Field Kit? Another great video Carl!


The glass of ice water was :heart_eyes:


I would also be curious about this information. For both pickups- actually.

Cool video! Thanks for sharing!

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That’s exactly it. The electromagnetic pickup from the Field Kit.


The contact mic is also from the Field Kit. But it’s just an ordinary piezo element. Cheap as chips! And fun.


Thanks Carl! I’ve just ordered one of these, since I didn’t want the entire Koma accessories pack:

From what I’ve read in my short research today, these are adequate to pick up EM activity. Although one can probably be found for cheaper (this one has prime shipping - and I am impatient :smiley: ).


That’s probably pretty exactly the type of mic I’ve got. Much fun!

How is the zoom?

Looks fun and good to get me out the house

Oh. It’s great. From field recording, to pods, to recording your stereo out from the mixer. Or six separate tracks if you wish.

I use it quite frequently.

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Just for fun too…

Love the Zoom- mics are fantastic useful all purpose portable recorder, haven’t tried it as an interface- but I should

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I have the H5 (wish now I had the H6). Took it on vacation with me along with a synth. Worked well as an audio interface :D.

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I came across this today while researching EM pickups. Looks awesome!!


Then- I suppose that I’ll just have to sell my current interface and try working exclusively from the H6 for hardware.

I’m almost tempted to do away with my plans for DT and instead keep my MDUW, get a TM-1 and use that as my controller(serious thought in my head- downside- lack of real keyboard input for programming notes in, but it’s definitely a consideration)

Oh snap! @CarlMikaelBjork- to get those lovely mics I’d only have to purchase the expansion for the field kit and not the field kit itself?!

@ryan - yeah.

Or just go to amazon and search for “piezo element”, “contact mic” or “electromagnetic pickup” - that’ll most likely be cheaper.