I cant connect my device to overbridge Digitakt

Does anyone get a message when you try to rune the Overbridge control panel that says that the device cannot be read? Make sure the device is in overdrive mode, and to allow the driver to have access to run according to my system preferences. i’ve done all these things and still can get no connection even when i put my digitakt in overbridge mode.

has anyone else run in to this?

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Have you updated your Digi to the latest version of firmware? If not, you can download it here and do that with Elektron Transfer via usb.


Alright i got it to work, so it turns out if you’re running a newer version of Mac OSX you have to give the driver permission to run. so after you instal go to systems preferences, privacy and security. there’ll be an option to allow the software to run, click yes. this must be done within the first 30 minutes of installing the software. i did an uninstall, and then re installed and did this and am now connected to control panel.


i have the same problem, same image as you posted, no overbridge device connected. i added it to the security clearance like you suggested, but still cant get it to connect

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same here with windows7pro , very disappointing … new firmware , overbridge mode , etc
no responce …reinstall … again and again …
digitakt and analog four mk1 nothing ???
even Update
Only for windows 10 …this is really very disappointing …

About getting it to run on Win7:

Additional tips for newcomers (not for you, but for other readers):

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thank you @ tnussb !!! it worked !!!
you are a saint :wink:

Looking at the manual that’s only for High Sierra. For Mojave (10.14.5), I see no trace of that… Nor is there any trace of a proper connection with Overbridge.

I just updated my Digitakt and Overbridge and can’t connect now to the Overbridge. At the same time, the connection to the Transfer is wonderful, and in the case of the Overbridge the program just does not see my Digitakt.

Manipulations with a change in the USB configuration did not help.

Help solve this problem.