I can’t choose the algorithm like on the digitone?

Like the digitone the monomachine also works with fm synthesis right? But
How do I choose the algorithms and the oscillators envelope?

There are three algorithms. When you choose the FM machine, there are three choices: that’s it.
Envelopes is such a delicate matter for this particular topic that you have really no choice than reading the manual, trust me.


It’s an extremely simplified system, the different FM machines represent different algorithms. This is all explained in the manual.

Wow so it’s basically just 3 algorithms on the whole synthesizer?? I was watching videos and I never really payed attention I was almost thinking it was a subtractive synth

I was also reading the manual but I got bored haha

Caugh caugh
Well yes, if you mean knobs can behave differently on the left than on the right :grin:

Wait so to shape the envelope of the oscillators is really that hard?

That makes me think that the monomachine is very limited compared to others synths like digitone… (not saying that’s the truth)

Dear, you HAVE to be brave and rtfm.
Because it’s the only way. You’ll understand better what everyone will tell you, believe me.

But yes, operators envelopes can be linear on the left and exponential on the right.

And no, “limited” doesn’t define the Monomachine very well.


it’s limited for FM compared to the Digitone. I rarely use the FM engines on the Monomachine, tbh.

What? They are MM special sauce though, the one corner where it absolutely shines IMO!

To OP: if you really want to skip the manual for a while, or even if you have the courage to read it but have trouble comprehending it, @lem’s free sound pack is ace!
There are many FM sounds in there that let me understand how FM works…

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Oh okay I’m very passionate with FM synthesis. I thought the monomachine was like the digitone choosing the algorithms and programming the oscillator. But still I kinda want to have one haha

That’s nice thanks so much

It’s more than just an FM synth though, is what I’m trying to get at. If you just want deep FM, get the Digitone.

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Oh, I thought you had one already.
Prices are insane nowadays, you’d better get a Digitone if you don’t already, as @pselodux said…
Monomachine is a powerful beast, but it lacks a lot the DN straightforwardness.

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So I was debating about that. I use Ableton push 2 as a controller to the Operator and I think i can achieve the same sounds from the digitone (still I think operator is more powerful than digitone and the monomachine). So I wanted something different… but let’s see if I don’t find a good price like my friend did I will probably get the digitone :confused:

Oh it didn’t replied to you

Of course the computer is more powerful, both on the sound design and the sequencing.
If you play music with Ableton, the cheapest thing is to keep on playing with it.

Digitone is pretty fun though, and Overbridge makes it possible to bring it in your workflow easily


There are synths with far deeper fm synthesis than the digitone. More algorithms, more operators, more envelopes with more stages (biggest one for me personally), and on and on. The thing that makes the digitone so deep is how it’s fm synthesis (and subtractive elements) integrate with the elektron architecture and sequencer. The package as a whole makes it a beast even if the pure fm side is underspec’d compared to some other heavy hitters.


FM in the monomachine is really great. seems simple but you can do so much w/it and it sounds great. because of the way it’s implemented it’s going to get to different places…e specially w/p-locks.

it’s really worth exploring spending lot’s of time. the whole machine is more than the sum of its parts.