I bought a beautiful Machinedrum

Could Elektron make the Machinedrum again even if they wanted to?

Like are there parts to making it that simply aren’t available anymore? I know, among other reasons, that’s a big reason why certain pieces of gear simply can’t be made anymore even if the company wanted to.

This. Plus the other common complaints about the “digital sound” and “the bass drum in my digital drum machine that was built in 2001 doesn’t sound like the bass drum of that analog drum machine that was built in 1980”.

All of that goes by the wayside when you incorporate the Machinedrum into a rig with outboard effects and other sound generators. A good reverb, along with an analog filter, analog distortion pedal plus any number of other effects/multi-effects, digital and otherwise, opens up a whole world of pain* and pleasure.

Of course there are some wonderful songs/sets based solely on the Machinedrum but, as with other drum machines, it was made to add to your rig, not replace it. And it goes one step further by acting as the nerve center of a rig.

*I had the greatest time patching my Machinedrum into a Jomox M-Resonator. Until it spiked and totally destroyed the in-line preamps on my recorder.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

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The machinedrum is a complex drum synth, you could tweak each sound from the base parameters and take it so far to get glitchy/idm sounds. So be patient and take your time because it’s so deep.

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Thanks yes that’s what I have found :smiley:

I really like the reverb for it’s gating feature. Adds to the sound design.
Also I want to avoid focusing on what it’s lacking and rather discover what it can do.
I’m quite sure this is secret weapon :shushing_face: :grin:


groovy groove btw

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I love the gated reverb! Sounds great on snares and claps


yes the M-Resonator is a brutal beast…

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The Machinedrum mk1 was my gateway into the Elektron workflow, I’ll never part with mine plus it used to be Richard Devine’s and he signed the back of it. I come from a modular synth background and the Machinedrum is like a digital modular synth disguised as a drum machine. With the amount of modulation it has you can get really deep and design some generative sounds that make it feel like a living drum machine full of sonic surprises.


This is fantastic!

two of my fave MD beats, still not too many people exploiting song mode like this.


Here is their Soundcloud, btw, for those that want to listen to a master of the MD:


And I’ll add to @waftlord ‘s Ae submission.
MD Ae beats that are just awesome.

posted this one several times



Woah, this thread is quickly becoming a great source of MD inspiration - might I add the mighty Max Marco, to the arsenal of great teachers: Machinedrum UW: Probabilistic Sampling, RAM Machines - YouTube


Machinedrum is a great tool, even without the latest software update, and even without the sampling. I choose buying luckily some years ago before prices went crazy, and went for a SPS1 MK2 :slight_smile: just interested on its synths.

It is a paradise to program and sound shaping, really versatile, and pretty straight forward.

Every Machinedrum can sound as its owner wanted to make it sound, that’s what I like about it, and that’s even without processing its separate channels ^^.

I would recommend first using as it comes by default, and once familiar and use it for a bit, jump into further updates, or even sampling, as it can be rather owermelming from the beginning.

Welcome to the MD club :slight_smile: enjoy the trip.


I was hoping to snag a MD when they started popping up because of syntakt release but never managed to find a good deal. Ended up getting syntakt instead. Still exploring it now and it definitely can sound amazing.

The modern features are definitely something nice to have like the chromatic /scales keyboard and multitracking with overbridge.

Congrats on the good MD deal! Personally I love the wide rectangular form factor more than the newer square ones.

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I made a video with one of my new tracks while tweaking some knobs on the Machinedrum
Would you call this IDM?


Nice :+1:t6:

Maybe not IDM, perhaps Electronica? Ambient Techno?
Good stuff, dig it.

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Thanks Phaelam glad you dig it.
I think you’re right, probably it’s electronica. I like doing these jazzy/house chords that sometimes change the key signature which I guess is not that typical for IDM.

Great drum machine really.

Sounds great
I got shot of my Md Dec 21
You will have years of fun with it

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Here’s a new track with lots of Machinedrum beats. My best beats so far I think.
As usual it’s Digitone and Machinedrum running through Octatrack.

If you like it I’d appreciate a like on SoundCloud - it can be pretty hard to get likes there.