I bought a beautiful Machinedrum

Yup no fear, not making that mistake again. :slight_smile:


You know what they say right?

Buy the dip :meh:


In which direction? Have MD prices gone up or down?

I have the syntakt and it’s incredible. I had the MD twice and sold it twice, for pretty cheap by todays prices. I loved it but I wanted a few of the more modern features that current boxes have. It was really cool though.

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It has too broad a range to provide instant gratification.

At one end: it can be a “mere” drum machine.

Load up your TRX machines in order without too much programming. You get a really good tool but nothing you can’t get with a used Alesis ST18. :smiling_imp:

Then you start deep programming, maybe mix and match machines. Figure out how insanely versatile the EFM bass is.

The obsession with making your personal best “mere” drum machine takes control. You lose sleep. Your friends and loved ones no longer relate to you.

At the other end of the spectrum, you pretend to lose all interest in drum sounds. You spend too much time on Youtube tips and tricks videos and Tarakeith articles.

You realize this is a deep synth of a very strange species.

The obsession with making your ultimate ambient freak out machine takes control. You lose sleep. Your friends and loved ones no longer relate to you.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

:smiling_imp: :crazy_face: :smiling_imp: :crazy_face:


Sounds familiar.


Congrats! It is a wonderful device!!


Yes, same here.
My first impression on the MD was similar…didn’t like the factory kits, it seemed complicated.
I never got sth really banging and tastful out of it.
I went back ITB.
So MD slept in my locker for 10 years or so, I didn´t want to sell it for cheap…

When I started to read this forum - about all the love for the MD - , I gave it a second try, this time diggin deeper. This time it lives on my couch and I´m noodling around with it when I relax and watch Netflix or so.
What can I say ? I really like it now, you can get so quirky and weird, it´s not a “mainstream” instrument.
The reverb sucks a bit, but the external outs are great to record through OTO biscuit and Boum.
And I ´m still learning and did not even update…

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with all the firmware updates md functions quite well as rudimentary daw and can accomplish so much when you put some effort in. you can spend a lifetime with this beast and still be surprised by what it can achieve. my only real gripe is the lack of a chromatic or scale mode for tuning, as sequencing melodies or chords can be very tedious to enter; pretty much impossible in live jams to stay in key without using preset patterns or some additional hardware for midi / sysex manipulations.

That doesn’t look like it’s a sale cuz the Syntakt is affecting MD price. That one is most likely a guy who really wants a Syntakt NOW and will “unload” his MD so he can afford it….ebay screams “I need to sell NOW”. GAS makes people do stupid things.

He’ll have regrets a month or so after :thinking:

I see em on reverb for 2500-4000CAD for mkll UW


my last one a found a few years ago for basically pennies.
@ninqe that’s a non reverb price for sure, but I agrees with you, the I don’t think they are gone stay in that range for long

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But nobody buys at those prices

they have. there was one at 6Kcad, that made NO sense. ive been watching as im trying to get the motivation to finally post.

when I get the stones to finally sell my MNM and MD I wont be pricing them that high for sure. I had my time/fun with them.


I sold my Original MD 1500$ (CAD) last Summer. I had my time with it and wanted someone else to benefit from a low cost MD. No regrets, only joy for the buyer.


I actually enjoy when a buyer of mine replies all stoked :slight_smile:
I like hooking someone up with a deal.


I wish i had got into micro electronics. How many busted machinedrums have been sold for cheap and repaired and sold for a huge profit.

The MD will go up I guess, since it has all these outputs and is already a classic…
There´s a MonoMachine for 5000€ on ebay available btw.

Thanks for your congratulations :grinning:
I’ll have a look at the tips you posted and Tarekith’s tricks.

@PurpleWizard Yes I tried this muting/unmuting of the Ctrl All track too and it’s really cool. Gotta experiment more with that.

@lyingdalai you actually had some influence on this since you mentioned akeyamasou at some point in connection with the MD and I have watched all his videos on YT and love his IDM sounds.

Thanks @Highways_Gothica! After just one week of use I’m happy with these drums.

@micabeza I paid what is equal to 1747 EUR/1842 USD but the seller did ask for more at first.

I would actually like to have a Monomachine now. Really liked this performance by Nikolas Lem.


Oh, cool. This guy is a genius!
I’m happy with opening doors :thup:
May the joy be with you!

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such a beautiful machine…the compositions around the three grids and the balance of the element placed. Really THE MOST HANDSOME GEAR. I have mine boxed. Its become a fetish of some sorts lol