How to Digitone's ARP output as a MIDI?

I think o remember @simon stating that midi arp will be implemented. This was right around the time when slide got implemented.

Might be that there’s some other devices in the update que before Digitone.


That’s not entirely true,

Octatrack: arpeggios for everyone else

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…should be really no big deal…i mean, ot is doing this since day one…

and yesh, sweden, hear that call…that’s an essential detail ur missing out on here…
arps and scales for ur actual midi engines…make it happen…

I’d love the chord arp like the one on the A4, to be implemented also in OT (and DN as well)

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Ooh, do you have a link to the thread for this? It would be great if it is implemented (along with a random mode). Btw, Simon changed his handle to the far cooler @Ess :wink:

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Simple solution and affordable is to get a MIDIHUB to get your ARP and much more. More capable than the OT.

Sadly, DN not my only beloved synth that doesn’t MIDI-out the arp. The Pro2 has the same limitation, including from the sequencer. (I believe you can get CV out of the Pro2 seq, unsure about the arp.)

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:thinking: could you elaborate?
Afaik, concerning midi only, the Midihub doesn’t have 8 editable arps, 8 tracks with trig conditions and 24 editable lfos…

No it has pretty much as many arps as you want, it also can handle a lot more than 8 channels and can combine an arp with a lot of different midi effects.

So in terms of MIDI the MH is more powerful than the OT.

Interesting possibilities! But it apparently lacks the sequencer part.

Yes there are a lot of possibilities especially since you can combine the arp with CC LFO pipes etc. Also considering you have 4 DIN out ports you have 64 channels at your disposal which is a lot more than the OT.

It’s doesn’t have a sequencer, its a MIDIHUB…

No one suggested the tiny little MIDIHUB would outperform the OT as sequencer or sampler, but in terms of MIDI it does in many areas.

My point was that to get ARPS over midi you do not need to buy a OT, you can simply buy the cheap MIDIHUB and route the signal thru it and you will get arps and a ton more, stuff the OT can’t do.


Interesting product indeed.

Yea sure is, and considering the bargain price, i would argue that anyone who uses midi on regular basis should get one.

Even taking the creative aspect out of it, simple stuff like remapping channels, filtering messages, splitting keyboards is extremely handy to have.

Don’t forget about the BomeBox, which is arguably even more powerfull then the MIDIHUB.
The BomeBox is a USB host, has network features and WiFi, but also is a bit more difficult to learn.

Or, you can go extreme MIDI by connecting a MIDIHUB to a BomeBox. :wink:

Not a big fan of the translator and while Bomebox has some nice features, it’s sorely lacking in the immediate and easy to use pipe lines of the MIDIHUB. It also does not support RTP (at least not the last time i checked) but it’s own proprietary protocol which is a no no in my book.

Not sure if they changed the interface, but when I tested it a couple of years back, setting up an arp was a chore, to say the least… :slight_smile:

The MIDIHUB is lacking though as it does not sport a USB host nor does it have that many DIN ports either. Bomebox is also very limited as it’s only sporting one DIN port (in/out) . So neither is really that great on their own.

I have everything MIDI going thru my mioXL so the MIDIHUB acts as outboard effects unit.

Yes, the BomeBox is a bit more adventurous and a lot more work to set up.
But it can almost do anything MIDI related, and once set up it becomes a lot easier to manage.
The proprietary thing is not an issue if you just connect BomeBoxes together or connect to a PC, but RTP would have been nice.

To be fair though, you can connect any class compliant MIDI interface to it to get any amount of DIN ports you want. I have one hooked up to an iConnectMIDI4+, so I could actually use it with RTP.
I have the same kind of setup where I use it as an outboard effect to the iConnectM4+.

The only thing sorely lacking in Midi Translator pro and the BomeBox is generating MIDI Clock.

I don’t have a MIDIHUB, but it looks very easy to use and nicely built too. I probably will get one at some point just to create the ultimate mega super ultra power spacetime defying MIDI setup.

To be fair though, you can connect any class compliant MIDI interface to it to get any amount of DIN ports you want.

My point neither will replace a proper MIDI router bomebox with it’s single DIN port and the MH without a USB host.

Oh, and since we’re talking arps here, I can’t leave out this one:

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Also, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these when it comes out:

This is a great time for MIDI :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah i’v seen it, and it looks nice. but the UI and the design dosen’t work for me. I need my MIDI router to be rack mounted. Maybe they have rack ears for it ?

Still do not understand the design choice for a desktop unit to have the cables vertical ? Why not simply put them on the side like normal so the cables can be routed off the table more cleanly ?

I assume there will be a software to do the filtering and routing, because it will be very tedious to do on that tiny screen and small buttons. Having it rack mounted (if that will be possible) that will be a pita to setup without software option.

The NDLR looks intriguing for arps though, very limited in terms of tracks though.

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