How to Digitone's ARP output as a MIDI?

Hello, Elektronauts!

Just got my Digitone and can’t figure something out (googling didn’t help either).

  • I’m sending chords to my Digitone via Overbridge in Ableton
  • I’m using Digitone’s advanced ARP features to get a very interesting ARP pattern
  • This pattern sounds very very nice, but is kinda complex and weird so it’s hard for me to compose other instruments’ parts to compliment it

So what I want to do is to send this ARP’s output back to Ableton not as an output, but as a MIDI information.

I know there is four MIDI channels in Digitone that could send MIDI information via USB.

I guess I need to maybe layer my ARP, but not to another “normal” track, but to a MIDI track?

Is this possible? Or is there any other way to achieve my goal?

(My goal being: send ARP’s result to my computer as a MIDI via Overbridge)

AFAIK its not possible to send arp midi data out.

But you can try to record your pattern (audio) and convert it into midi with ableton.

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Thanks. I was worrying that’s the case.

Oh well, this box should have some flaws, right? :slight_smile:

Ableton’s melody detection it is then. I just need to make another, simpler-sounding patch so Ableton won’t be so confused.

Could be a nice feature anyway. Hope it’ll come someday!

Something like Digitone Keys makes me feel that ARP for MIDI tracks could be implemented at some points… Pure speculation though.

Anyway, with the notes information + the arp style and speed you should be able to recreate the arp within Ableton, I guess.


Well, there is an ARP pattern with it’s length and offsets in Digitone’s ARP, which are absent in Ableton’s Arp plugin.

Ableton has more options for style/direction though.

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Has midi out for the arp been implemented in the Digitone Keys yet?

Bump - anyone?!

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No it doesn’t have midi arp…


Bummer, that’s the only thing holding me back from buying it. :confused:

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It’s just an arp, hopefully it gets added anyhow but it’s not necessary for me

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I doubt they will add it. What would be truly amazing is to have arp sent from DN and retrig sent from DT, feeding each other when required. But it won’t happen imo, so OT is the way forward :wink:


That’s weird, the monomachine could send midi arp out, and that ruled very much TBH.


Is this possible on the Digitone Keys now?


Why elektron?!?!

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Just a little bump, to see if we convince Elektron to implement arpeggiator Midi out on the MIDI tracks.
Come on Elektron will you please?


Midi arpeggiator is a really basic feature since 30 years or more. (I had it on my first groove box, the very limited MC 303).

So yes, number one feature request concerning midi tracks.


Just tried this and thought I was missing something, but nope, it’s the Digitone. :confused: I want to arp my sweet new Typhon!

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Midi out on arps seem to be a mixed bag depending on the synth/keyboard in question, there must be a reason why it’s not a default option on everything that has an arp, can’t imagine there’s many hardware makers that wouldn’t implement it just for the sake of it.

Digitakt: no arp for anybody.
Digitone: arps only for its best friends (aka: internal voices).
Octatrack: arpeggios for everyone!