How to delete factory samples?


Is there a way to delete the factory samples? If i try to delete them it says write protected. Couldn’t find anything about it in the manual.


I haven’t been paying attention to the Model:S. so i could be wrong. but i was under the impression it was a rompler… as in you can’t delete the factory samples.


I think you’re right. Thank you!


You can do an empty reset. That should wipe the internal samples. You lose all of yours too tho.
Space gained. Replace your own.

Perhaps not due to +Drive :slight_smile:


Empty reset only deletes all patterns, not the samples.





you may want to get used to them, who knows ! …


:smiley: It seems like some things about the elektron machines never change.


You have the M:S?


I feel like I had gotten rid of them on my MD, MNM, OT and DN…its all a blur now.
I thought I had read posts about having to use factory reset to restore presets.
there so many different conventions between the boxes. :confused:


Those machines are less closely related to the M:S than say DT & AR , if it’s possible on those then there’s precedent - iirc the core factory samples on AR won’t wipe and if the same is true for DT the signs don’t look promising - I suppose it depends on how much of the +Drive is used up (or how unuseable a sample is)


Yes, since yesterday. It’s really cool but as always there are some head scratchers. :slight_smile:
Not a big problem for me if factory samples can’t be deleted. I just like to wipe everything off on a sampling device.


Ess says …


I think i got used to work with totally empty samplers when i started with the akai S2000 and mpc’s. It always felt refreshing to start with nothing on there.


100% with you - take a backup, wipe and do your own thing - it’s one of the reasons I don’t get along with say Live, there’s so much stuff baked in, it just gets in the way - tabula rasa every time, but it is what it is and at least it’s probably part of the firmware/stored separate and not in the user +Drive space - you may seek to confirm this i guess


Yes it seems like the total 1GB are free for user samples.


I’m surprised to hear how stiff the pads are, but the knobs are more solid than they appear.