How 'standalone' is Push 2?


I’m looking at the Push 2 documentation but don’t currently see anything about this… can you change the audio I/O of a track from the controller?

My workflow involves a lot of swapping around the external input and output channels to run tracks through various outboard gear and resampling a ton. Push 2 looks awesome but I feel for the way I work I should probably just get more comfortable with keyboard hotkeys and using a mouse (been looking at a launchpad pro and launch control xl for this reason), unless I can just hit a button and turn a knob to change track routing.


No track routing from the controller at the moment. But you can record enable from the controller. Basically set up a template set and go from there.


I’m finding the pads are beginning to break in and soften up a bit as time goes on. But they were stiff as hell when i first got it.
But yeah your right, the rytm drum rack combo is deadly. Muting on the rytm is actually far better than on the push, and then you have scene mode and performance mode to spice it up (things you cant do on push).
They really make a great combo.

Also the thing I love about the rytm is its native drum synthesis.

This is something live doesnt really have apart from a hokey m4l drum machine they bundled one year.

Honestly I’m making a pact with myself. No new gear until i’ve written a bag of tunes with this setup. Until all 3 units are beat up and broken.[/quote]
Actually you can configure the performance knobs (or any other AR parameter) to the push rotaries and your AR mutes are the Ableton clips on the push box. About the only thing you can’t do from the push controller are sound locks.


Thanks for the response. My workflow is a bit too chaotic/free form for a template so I guess I get to save some money. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. My workflow is a bit too chaotic/free form for a template so I guess I get to save some money. :slight_smile:
There’s a couple other features I wish you could do from the controller, such as:
[li]Save kits or custom presets[/li]
[li]Save projects and sets[/li]
[li]Copy/paste notes[/li]
[li]Name tracks[/li]
[li]Route in and out audio as well as internal audio such as tracks to the side chain compressor[/li]
[li]There’s also some synth preferences that are unavailable on the controller such as assigning the number of voices to an Operator[/li]

Seems like a lot, but to tell the truth, the controller feels super close to hardware and I can live with the those limitations.


@AriHaf really jealous of that RYTM, A4 and Push setup you have there!


Rytm + A4 + Push 2 will be the heart of my setup as well.
Selling my Monomachine Mk2+ to fund a Push 2.

Push 2 + Operator looks like the Mk3 Monomachine with Overbridge functionality I’ve always dreamed of. Far more parameter locks, micro timing (nudge), polyrhythms, performance macros (racks).
The new Live 9.5 filters are great, and really finish off the Operator synth, “pushing” its capabilities more toward DSI Evolver territory as well.

I’ll be curious to see how Push 2 sequences my BS2 as well. I have a couple M4L editors for BS2 to choose from. I can see at least one of them serving as an ideal communicator between the Push 2 interface and BS2.

Also curious to see how Push 2 works with some of the more esoteric, eurorack style M4L MIDI sequencers.

Amazing that anyone could make and sell a $799 midi controller that is this exciting.

I hear NI has a Maschine hardware update brewing as well. Competition does wondrous things, doesn’t it?


For recording from vinyls you can use almost any turntable available out there.


I would sell A4 or AR and get second OT :imp:


Do you consider to use Push 2 also in live sets?
Btw, this weekend I got V Collection 4 from Arturia - a lot of food for OT :slight_smile:
Synths have instant mappings for Maschine and KK, I wonder how would they work with Push.


I actually decided against selling my MPC or anything else to buy a Push 2, although I want one badly. I haven’t fully gelled with the MPC, but I think I’d regret selling it to replace it with an expensive controller, as nice as it is. My Xmas shopping is done and I think I’ve got a holiday bonus coming, so I’d rather just try to find a discounted price on one and sell it off if it ultimately isn’t for me. Once I’ve got it in hand, I might start eyeing up my Octatrack and MPC, but it seems hasty to hack and slash my setup for an expensive controller right at release.


It’s rumoured that NI may be announcing something at NAMM in January.


@DL I never sold the OT. I returned a TB3 which was within the 45 day return period, sold Push 1 and a Volca Bass. I only paid a couple hundred out of pocket.

After learning a few things and adjusting my muscle memory, Push 2 is pretty legit.


No. Just Rytm, A4, Pigtronix Looper, and a mixer for me live.

Btw, this weekend I got V Collection 4 from Arturia - a lot of food for OT :slight_smile:
Synths have instant mappings for Maschine and KK, I wonder how would they work with Push.

Nice! I have a few Arturia synths I’ve collected and kept updated over the years. Jupiter-8, Mini-V2, Matrix-12 V
I have loads of other soft synths I’m eager to use with Push 2.
Looking forward to all the flexibility.

Nothing can replace A4 and Rytm, though. :slight_smile:


Rockin´all day and night here :joy:

How’s the OB latency? Last I tried OB, it bothered me.


Just to be clear. I didn’t get those for free. I bought them with 50% discount.
I would like to hear more once you get Push 2.
Some of those synths are very complex and Push only have 8 encoders.
It could be difficult to make a full sound design.


Only 8 encoders… Yea, just like Monomachine or Rytm!

  • 8 encoders x 8 banks!


That’s true :slight_smile: however MM and AR have well thought out interface with dedicated buttons for each page.

On Push you need to scroll (or rather use left/right buttons) in order to get those banks with 8 macros each. Switching from bank 1 to bank 16 will require to type 15 times right button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now compare that with ARP 2600V or Modular-V. Probably from practical perspective not everything will be possible on a controller.


Oh really ? I thought you could use the rows of 8 small buttons below and above the screen to switch between the 16 banks . Thats really a deal breaker for me (and a money saver :slight_smile: ) ! I was expecting a user friendly way of progamming VST without looking at the computer.