How do you video record you jams?


Not that I want to every do anything on YouTube I’d like to be able to video record my tunes and watch back to see if I can improve. I just don’t know how people can video and record at the same time to a device. I could video record from my iphone but the sound would be bad.

Currently I have a Digitone, Digitakt, Typhon Dreadbox, Keystep and I just use my headphones from the Digitakt. I do have a laptop with Overbridge, but like a DAWless setup.

What options could I use to video record with good audio that is not expensive?


A camera adapter to your iphone will let you capture the audio from your audio interface.

I make my videos like this:

My phone records video and my voice, and the Elektron device is connected to my laptop so I can record the stereo track into my DAW. When I’m done recording, I put them in DaVinci Resolve and mute the phone’s audio when the music is playing (I like it when the initial button presses are audible, same with the ones at the end).

I’ve recently upgraded my camera stand, though. The stick under the hammer in the picture has been screwed to a laptop stand clamp thing that I “mount” on my monitor (or in this case, a kid’s chair) like this:


If you want to just record a jam with no talking then the easiest way is to set the Digitakt USB to audio/MIDI (so it operates as an audio interface) and connect a camera connection kit to your iPhone, and record straight into the camera app.

I used my daughters iPad to record this video yesterday, which has a USB-C port so I just had to connect the Syntakt to the iPad with a USB-B to USB-C cable. Uploaded straight to YouTube from the iPad.


i use Zoom Q2n-4K.
really really good audio quality.


Haha, I love your setup. Goes to show that children’s furniture doubles as professional studio equipment in a breeze :slight_smile:

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I think I have that usb-c camera kit somewhere, what application do you use on your ipad/iphone?

Just the regular camera app

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Oh great, thanks. Your video came out great, nice tune btw.

…make it two different things…

capture within the camera…including simple room micing…and capture ur sonic content to a daw…

play a little count in before u start…
match that count in of ur video and that one of ur daw to get both in sync later on…
kill the video sound…“bounce” ur video content and ur daw audio content to one file and off u go…


This is really useful and I love the photos. What DAW do you use? I don’t use one of those so I wouldn’t know to do do this yet. I have used Overbridge though to record to a wav file though.

So do you use DaVinci Resolve (free version) to merge the video and audio together and sync them?

Love your Digitone and Digitakt music and videos on YouTube btw, a big follower.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try, what DAW is a good one? I know little about these to be honest and some are free and some are quite some money.

…wooof…that’s an endless point…

if we’re talking elektron here, u might wanna give overbridge a try…in standalone mode…

…those daws for free, are always the more complicated ones…
while puh, i’m not aware of any daw that’s not tricky at the beginning…

but i’ve seen and worked with most of the usual suspects and ended up with bitwig a few years back…that piece of code is the smartest and most logical daw that crossed my way…ever…and is defenitly the last daw of my life…

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I use OBS. Its free open source software.

Just setup a webcam (or several)for picture.

Record into a line input for audio.

You can add effects/filters to image if you want too.

You can stream live to yt / twitch etc or just record locally.

Examples of effects/ raw on my yt page


I connect all my gear to an analog mixer and record the stereo out on my computer or a portable recorder and I use a DSRL to film everything. I do my audio stuff in ardour and stitch audio and video together in kdenlive on Linux. So it’s pretty much the same way @Eaves is doing it.

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If you already have the gear you listed setup and audio path chained into the Digitakt, listening through headphones, then recording USB into your phone will be the easiest.

Get a long usb cable from Amazon, and a cheap iPhone tripod adaptor (if you already have a video/camera tripod around) or an affordable tripod.

That’s if you want to see your performance. If it’s just audio and the video angle isn’t as important, prop up the phone wherever, off to the side.


Same here.

For the longest time before I was more in the box, I just did USB out from my DN or AH straight into my phone. Then selected that audio when recording a video on my phone. That was it!

I used one of those short mic stands (like for recording drum kicks) and a phone holder for mic stands.

I heavily vouch for this method of just USB to phone and recoding directly. I never noticed any lag tbh.

@g0nz0uk you can get really good audio quality with just a phone and a USB-B to whatever your phone needs. I use Android phones so for me it’s USB-B to USB-C. I don’t have an iPhone to test USB-B to Lightning. This is just an example like the Syntakt vid posted here earlier but hope this helps solve the issue.

I wouldn’t worry about a DAW right now. That’ll come later. It will no doubt haha. But for now, if this is just to get some performances down and maybe upload to insta/YT, USB audio is more than enough.

The blue cable here goes to my phone. The two 1/4" cables are going to my monitors and not an interface. There was no video editing done here. I just hit record on my phone and voila.

I have more complicated examples but this is the most focused example (no fancy performance here, just pattern switching) to help drive the point home :upside_down_face:

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They mentioned straight into the camera app.

Works the same on Android.

Do everything like you are going to take a video, just select the audio source and done AFAIK.

I don’t think you need the camera kit but it makes it easier if you don’t have a USB-B to lightning cable and already happen to have one (connection kit).

I just set my iPhone in the room and record with voice memos. Not hifi at all, but it captures all of the relevant info for song ideas.