How do you transition/mix between songs when play live on OT?

Hello Elektronauts,

I own Digitakt for a month and it can be used for playing live show either by moving all patterns into one project or by loading next project and quickly pressing “Play”. Yet I have never seen people playing live with Digitakt as a host, but plenty of times was at perfomances with Octatrack as a host for everything.

How do you play live on OT? How do you mix between songs? Is it possible to load two projects to A/B and crossfade between them may be?

Thanks in advance!

As far as I’m aware, the cross fader and scenes are only for morphing between different parameters within the same project. Anyway, commenting so I can see what answers come up. It’s a good question :blush:

Also, to whet your appetite, this thread earlier today is a good read and watch (at the bottom of the linked article) about how Sugeon uses it:

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But you can crossfade from any track(s) to any track(s). Tracks can ofc be samples played from RAM or streamed from CF card (length of audio only limited by size of card), anything going into the analog inputs (audio throughput or playing back audio while sampling), resampling of any source(s) + FX.

Did I miss anything?

“Crossfading” is ofc actually parameter morphing and there’s so much you can do with the crossfader on the OT.


Yep, you’re right :slightly_smiling_face: But not between projects as @sasha was suggesting, afaik. For tracks, yep, that’s a great way to have more DJ like control over changing between songs etc

With 256 patterns and 64 parts to me it seems quite reasonable to fit an entire set or even several sets in one project. I suggest keep filling up one project instead of creating a bunch of smaller ones, organize material by bank or even 1/2 or 1/4 bank.

If you have multiple projects to combine into one it’s possible to copy and move entire banks of 16 patterns / 4 parts using the OT file manager or a computer, if needed copy patterns/parts from multiple banks into one free bank and then copy/move that into master project. I always just add to the same project and only save to new (then immediately save) to keep backup iterations but never start another project just for new material.

I am however live loop based so I don’t run into filling up sample slots and I get a lot of mileage out of a pattern and part, but still an OT project seems like it can go quite far for more standard sample based workflows.

Look up the “transition trick” for a great way to move between material, of course there’s lots of other ways to do things too…


The easiest way is having 2 I guess :totes::wink::cool:

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