The art of production: Surgeon

Surgeon giving the low down on live performance.


Lots of wisdom here.

Yes, some really key points that are well worth reading.

I liked what he said about being the modular guy, and reminding people that it’s not about the gear so much.


Yeah, all tools have their place. The fashion of gear is exhausting.


Nice interview and interesting insights about improvisation and his setups

Yep that was definitely cool of him! You hear „gear doesn‘t matter“ very often, but I found it nice how he expanded on the reason as to why it doesn‘t matter.


Yeah deffo. He’s been so consistent over the last two decades, which really proves its the person and not the gear.

This guy is proof that not all heroes wear capes

thanks for the share! Interesting article

Excellent interview (and interviewer).

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It finished suddenly in a very interesting part…

“50 percent stupider.” 4LYFE


Love this here when he is talking about an experimental set.

"someone came up to me while I was setting up and asked, ‘What are you using for your drums?’ And I had to be like, “Sorry mate, no drums tonight.”

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Thanks for sharing! Surgeon is one of my heros but i never saw him live. And i didn’t follow his recent livesets. So i was surprised that he started to improvise everything live. I also started to play all freestyle sets instead of preprogrammed sets and it really brought back the joy of performing in me. It sure is risky but it’s way more fun for me now.

Yeah that bit about making a mistake, and commiting until it sounds like it’s purposeful is a really great way to be in that live environment. Making something from the panic of something bit being ‘perfect’


That’s amazing, and totally agree. Slash could make a 50$ guitar sound amazing I’m sure.

But then I also went and checked Lyra 8 prices on Reverb!?! Haha, I’m a loser.

Great interview!