How do you organize your presets DT?

Hey all, I have been seeing a lot of sound banks for Digitone out there, and I want to have them all! or at least learn how to best organize the sounds.
Lets say, one sound pack has 40 presets and the other has 60. If you want to stick them on one sound bank, do you have to move them manually one by one, or there is an easier way to do this?
Haven’t really used overbridge much, but can it be dragged arround within?

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How to drag them to the bank so to free up the space??


After researching and testing out, I will answer my question. The presets are loaded in the next available slot of your specified bank. For Example if Bank C has 001-128 presets, your new sound pack should load at slo 129-256.

Try to manually label your soundpacks with pen and paper so you can better organize and know the position of your soundpack, because Digitone does not indicate the soundpack names.

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