How do I get this funk off of the knobs?


A replacement pack is ~15 EUR.


Decent price


Not disagreeing that it’s a bad habit, but it’s a pretty simple task to hand-roll a cigarette with a filter… Rolling is common here in the UK where cigs are expensive and everyone I know uses filters.


Not nicotine. Another well known plant resin. Actually, pristine grey knobs on an elektron mean the owner is an uncreative bore.




With the amount of Nicotine-H…sh :heat:on the buttons you can see what encoders are most used. Amazing


Or the owner just washes their hands regularly :wink:


I presume the word you were looking for is ‘often’.
For example, Uranus’ orbital period is 84 years. And yet it orbits the sun quite regularly, wouldn’t you agree? :cheeky:




Guess the smoker never tried p-locks? Or the step buttons aren’t as porous as the knobs.


You seem miffed by my remark.
That’s fine.
But -
All the elektronauts I know who often use their elektron machines have had some hue of yellow, brown or green on one or more of their encoders at some point. Some leave them the way they are, some replace them. To me it’s a sign of experience, usage and that you might have actually played a sweaty gig or two. Rock’n’roll baby!
If it bothers you,
A - follow Simon’s advice and buy a new set.
B - I put some black ribbed ones from another device on my OT.
Or, C - as a friend of mine suggested, you could pop the dirty ones in the dish washer on a full moon, after midnight, and recite the OT manual backwards six times while standing on your head. He said his life changed for the better after he did that.

Digitakt freezes when saving project

The case of the yellowed knobs has been solved everybody… it was Chain smoker in the laboratory with cherry pipe tobacco. Come to think of it I think the pipe smoker theory was probably right because it would explain the strong perfume smell with the smoke. I have also smoked a pipe briefly and it does leave much residue. THankfully Simon offered me a discounted price on new knobs because ELEKTRON ROCKS, and now I may be seen in public again. Thanks for the helpful suggestions and banter, may ye all find the right knobs to tweak eternally. -M Knobs


I was giving the thumbs down for being called “an uncreative bore”, but no harm done. :+1:


MichalHo also corrected my grammar like a dweeb.

just remember he’s smarter and better than us :wink:


Ok, let’s put the petty bickering aside please. Life is short, a salty comment from a stranger on the internet is a virtual non-event event in the grand scheme of things. Thanks… off to actually create!!!


He left a smiley face guy cyber age emoti-whatever… I think that means it’s all in good fun :heart_eyes:


:'D You’re a Pro !



Were you smoking too? The rytm pads became green…:v:


why not just leave the funk on your knob?


At the risk of grossing everyone out, here is how my OT knobs and crossfader look after six years. No tobacco but I smoke a lot of weed, so the funk is mostly from ash on my fingers. I actually like the rounded feel of the knobs. :smiley: