Digitakt freezes when saving project

Hey everyone!
I’m a new Elektronaut, got my first machine - the digitakt - a few days ago and I LOVE it!
Now I already had one that permanently crashed and which I had to send back to get replaced (awesome support team, by the way :wink: ) so now I’m a little jumpy when something unusual happens. So:

Has anyone else experimented “freeze” issues after saving a project for the first time?
What happens is: I create a new project, work on it then save it, the screen reads “Save OK” or something and… the unit freezes; I have to reboot it. Fortunately, my changes are, indeed, saved.

I don’t know what causes this. Any idea?


Are you on OS 1.04? This was a known issue on the previous OS.



I quick save my project and reload everytime I jump to a new bank (i.e. track for me) and haven’t had the Digitakt hang and crash since the last OS.


ive had a freeze while saving 2 times. been on 1.04 since i received the machine. I try to make sure the machine is stopped when I save. This seems to help.

Ok so it’s an OS issue.
I’ll upgrade then!

I’m just a little worried it might crash my unit for good - don’t laugh, it did last time.
Should I make sure of anything particular when I do that (i.e. plug it this way, disconnect this or that, let it rest underground for three days at the full moon…)?

OS is the first place to start if you’re not up to date. Get the transfer tool from the site. Get the Digitakt hooked up, turned on, click the OS update option from the system setting (not the boot menu). Drag, drop and wait for it to update.

So this is Digitakt #2? Unfortunate! Good luck this time!

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You might be on to something… :wink:


Had this on my Brand new one last night, the project did save but the unit locked up and had to switch the power. Seems ok today !! Os 1.04

Same here, freeze on 1.04 (only once in 2 weeks).