How do I get this funk off of the knobs?


Now this is what weed does to your equipment kids… :wink:


Holy crap, now that’s a well-used machine. How does so much ash get on your fingers? Props anyway!


Smoking a bong or pipe, packing it down with my finger or thumb. I wipe it off but small amounts of ash with years of heavy OT use will make things build up over time. I’ll replace the knobs eventually but they work fine for now. :wink:


Ah gotcha, I was thinking spliffs but that makes sense


If it was me I’d be opening up that box to see if there is any smoke damage inside, and cleaning it promptly.


I never called you that personally, and I apologise if my sarcastic comment, which was directed at nobody in particular, stuck to you.


Your grammar is fine, although we differ on semantics.
And I like funky encoders, you don’t.
No need to fight.


not fighting, just pointing out how your replies appear obtuse. text on a forum lacks tone unless you add a winky face :wink:


I guess I haven’t owned anything with rubberized knobs for that long, but damn son, I think you might be smoking alotta herb…lol…I prefer to smoke in the garage myself these days, even in winter, …but I used to hot box the shit out of my studio back in the day, never nastied anything up that severe! either way those knobs are a badge of honor, you are a dedicated knob twiddler my friend!


Once I bought a cheap smelly yellow keys Mc 307, from a smoky home studio.
I had to clean everything, keys stayed yellow, knobs where dysfunctionals, I unsoldered and cleaned them with contact spray, inside pads where sticky, cleaned PCB, all knobs, buttons…
Never again. It was a rebirth for the Mc 307 but anyway it’s crap. :no_mouth:


FWIW You can clean most yellowed plastics with some hydrogen peroxide (hairdresser’s bleaching cream is good), clear wrap and a few hours of sunlight.


Wintertime here. :nej:
I tried acetone with water. Bad idea.


Just leave it out longer, unless you’re in like, Iceland or something.


Well it got rid of the funk… and your gear.


I got rid of both. Thanks for peroxide hydrogen tip and sunlight. :sunglasses:


Hold on. You call my jokes obtuse? Where’s the wink here? I consider this gross and offensive.


The Mushroom Knobs :eye: Yeah… Take Note Elektron


no, i’m an alien.


Atleast it’s your own funk, I think that’s sort of the issue, But hele on, and enjoy that digital cheese grater with wings.


Haha thanks! None of my other gear is that bad (actually everything else is near mint), but I’ve had the OT longest and have used it the most.