How are you sequencing Modular with the Digitakt?

So I own the Rytm and understand it inside and out. But I am now super into modular synthesizers and I’m seeing lots of videos online of people using the Digitakt to sequence their modular. But I guess I am somehow not understanding how that works exactly. How exactly does the Digitakt sequence? I understand you can play melodies on 8 separate midi tracks that are assignable to a unique number , yes? So is it just like the Rytm’s Chromatic mode? Or is it more elegant? Does the Digitakt have good scale options? and now, what about using Digitakt to handle CV modulation, how does that even work? Sorry if this a dumb question. Just trying to see if I should be interested in the Digitakt as a serious modular sequencer.

Digitakt has neither C.V. output, nor scale options. It has 8 MIDI tracks that you can either step sequence into, or record from a MIDI input. I do this a fair bit. If you want it to control a modular, you’re going to need a MIDI to C.V. converter for the modular.

The sequencer is the full fledged Elektron sequencer so you get all the goodness: p-locks, conditional trigs, an LFO (to send to CC output).


probably not, it’s just a MIDI step sequencer.

8 midi tracks, which you can freely asign on which midi channel they send. sequencing works the same like rytm, but instead of sending the information to internal sound generators it goes out to the external device (ok one important difference: you can send chords from one midi track). instead of changing or p-locking internal synth params, you do it with cc values. instead of rytm chromatic mode, you have something similar which is laid out like an octave on a keyboard. cc sequencing is not possible out of the box but maybe with a converter, don‘t know about this stuff. the other elektron shenanigans like conditional trigs are of course available too.

have a look at the manual and some youtube vids.

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With a midi to CV interface, the Digitakt is an excellent sequencer also for modular duties.


yeah I understand you need to convert from midi to cv. but that makes me even more confused on how people are using midi stuff to control CV in a meaningful way

ah so maybe with a module like Ansible which can convert CC to CV via custom mappings.

great video Carl. missed this one somehow


I use hexinverter mutant brain, works for me. I’m saving the usb output for when OB2 hits, hence the reason i dont use the FH2.

For use of a very versatile midi sequencer to control modular gear, I would recommend to check this out:


there are a few options out there … I bought the cheapest MIDI to CV box I found (no eurorack though): CV.OCD for 115€ at Tindie


it’s not. But like usually with Digitakt, it can be (mis)used for sequencing modular. You are so much better off by using A4 for sequencing your modular with built in CV and Gate connections. Plus you can take advantage of the send FX of A4 (bus FX of modular is usually not so great).


…yup…with an used a4 around 700 bux u’d get a way better and directly capable of comunicating with any modular gear that speaks cv in any way, than any abusing takt plans in ur head…
besides, u’d get one of the best and most expressive true analog four voice synth out there these days…
the elektron grid sequencer in the a4 can do all the elektron unique tricks directly within itself straight to modular with no fuzz at all…which can save u quite a lot of modules in first place to get cool results from the mod rack planet…

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There is one “quite cheap” way to control modular gear via midi … it can be done with an Arturia Beatstep Pro, because the Beatstep can receive midi and “transform” this to CV/gate. Price should be around 220 €.

The Beatstep Pro has one sequence with 8 drum/gate outputs and two sequences giving us CV (pitch and velocity) and gate outputs each. I tried it myself - it worked reliable :smiley:


You can’t go wrong with an shuttle control and DT or DN. One usb cable and you’re off. It powers a row of modules too but the cost is high.

16 outputs that can be volt/octave, clocks, envelopes (with attack and decay controlled by midi cc - hello LFOs), triggers, gates, velocity, smoothed CCs and slew(acid), and much more.

Worked great in a live context for me, very hands on. Lately I’ve gone fully modular but I miss the elektron sequencer.

This is a great intro by Iftah -



I disagree. The four CV outputs of the A4 is definitely trumped by the Digitakt and FH-1 (and possibly FHX-1 expander module) for 8 or 16 CV outputs. Yes the A4 is fully analog hence continuous CV. The Digitakt/FH-1 is midi (128 steps digital) as a base. But the interpolation of the FH-1 has made me never really consider that a problem.


Yeah I have one actually. Just figured Digitakt had more capabilities due to p locking and conditional trigs

Indeed, I agree, but I suggested the following setup …

  • DT midi out --> BS Pro midi in
  • BS Pro CV/Gate out --> Modular CV/Gate in


not full fledged, you cannot use ratchet on retrigs on the midi channels, you do get conditional trigs and micro timing

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I’m sacrificing one audio output on the Digitakt to send a rimshot sample to my Rakit Baby 8 sequencer for sync. The Digitakt is supplying the clock with rimshot 8th notes. I can put conditional trigs on those rimshots to get a crazy clock. The Baby 8 is sequencing the Rakit Drum Synth. It’s a very awesome combo in my opinion.