How are people liking the Model: Samples?

As much as I still love it for what it does, myself I don’t use it much anymore. I’ve been on the Octatrack for too long and am tainted.

Knowing what Elektron is capable of, what they’ve done previously for sampling and samples, I’m just pulled back into their larger machines, even though I try to resist.

I was on the start and I went on MS
far as I’m concerned I work the opposite of you

It has rather enriched my experience and sharpen my curiosity for a sampljob


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And that alone testifies to how great it is, right? :slight_smile: To me, it’s clear I want what the Octatrack offers, but I can still appreciate how great the Model: Samples is. And to you, the opposite is clear but just as true. It’s like that tried and true cliché that you need to go far sometimes to realise that what you had at home all along, always was what you wanted.

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It’s nice to read a wise speech
Your second part is so true :tunga::sweat_smile:
To understand how different desires can be regulated by this or that machine

The adventure is long and expensive…
And …In the end the creation is rewarded

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I like it.

I think I may need to learn more…problem is somethings I am not sure if I “don’t know it or how” or it doesn’t do it.

I am personally trying to use it as a complimentary drum kit for the Circuit.

I am having a hard time isolating midi and removing CC info from affecting my settings on MODEL.

I am hoping upgrades add some more usability.

I also have found that the audio interface is not always reliable with audio coming from Ableton.

So much so I am having to plug MAC back into Mixer which defeats purpose.

I think some things may be me not having settings correct or inadvertently missing something.

There is a lot room for improvement but still a cool little box that does some nice stuff.

Way more fun than an app anyway…

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You have so much way of working music : :
To remember ideas :rofl:
Linking sounds and editing techniques :tunga:
…And ::
Simply be satisfied with the real potential of the equipment for pleasure and sécurity::
And that will prosper

it’s a weird beast.
i think it’s the most fun elektron box i’ve had.
but the buttons are pretty wonky.
played a set with it recently and the sticky buttons had me stumbling several times…
couldn’t recommend it to people, but it’s a blast to make beats with.

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It’s fun, immediate, and a great way to jam out on the fly and get some nice sounding results. The downside for me is that it only has stereo outs. I just need to be able to adjust the volume of the tracks after I have recorded a session. And I can’t track out, because to me, the best & most immediate features of the machine can’t be tracked out.

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I dig mine, a lot. Only had it for two days so far.

What it needs:

  • attack envelope for ambient stuff

  • some type of scale mode, in addition to chromatic play. ideally: major, minor, minor pent, major pent, and user (if possible)- the 16 steps can cover two octaves, which is hella useful.

  • an easier delay mode, instead of having to remember the numbers representing note divisions… just put fractions there. 1/4, 1/8, 1/8d (dotted), etc.

  • delay time/depth independent (per track, instead of per pattern)

  • gate mode for samples / melodic input (even if it’s only Live Recording and not Trig/Step recording). It would be so nice to hold a pad for a longer sample, and hold it for a shorter time (for all the hip-hop heads out there)

  • ability to easily put tracks/samples into a choke group, even if there’s only like group A and B. very useful.

In general, I love it… my first Elektron product. Quick, easy. Fun pattern sequencer, whether recording live or step-sequencing. Dig it.

PLEASE do steady firmware upgrades, Elektron… follow the lead of Novation with their Circuit. It’s more popular than ever. If you guys continue to do steady firmware upgrades by listening to your userbase, you’d be unstoppable.


It has only send effects, right?

The delay Mode by Numbers is a good old Elektron Tradition…ppl Back in the old Elektron User Forum, RIP, had this in the feature requests lists for any machine so far.
I got Used to it…also that the delay Feedback can Go nastily crazy.


Discussions about MS volumes
(Just lower the Levels inside the other machines)

For wings of hell who loves kept a smelly stained sound and keep overdrive,
I recently tested to generate the MS::by an equalizer and the sound is finally good::

The sound gains have increased
I thought about the breath but nothing
…It’s easy to spoil riffs with curves

Beautiful encounter !

First elektron user here, i see the others devices but don’t like the pads on it, model sample is great on this side

I also got an answer, can I get the audio over USB directly on a daw or audacity?, can’t find information nowhere either on the manual

I believe you should be able to. It is a usb class compliant device, which means that it should be plug and play with no additional drivers needed. But it will only stream the final stereo output, not the six separate tracks.

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The final stereo output is what I search to record but I don’t see any tutorial on YouTube
Btw thx for the reply

Some months later… still liking the m:s?

Do they still have some quality control issues?

Still diggin it for sure, MS runnin into the kp3+ makes for some unstoppable on the spot jam sessions!

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