How are people liking the Model: Samples?

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I happened to find a USB to 3.5 × 1.35 mm barrel jack lead in my big box of junk. I have no idea what it originally came with. It pays to never throw anything out. Works a treat.


I think you’re right, but also having the 16 Step buttons separate from the Track pads is nice. It seems like a a small detail but for some reason that really bothered me on the Digitakt (sharing two functions on those buttons).

The only thing I truly miss is more Envelope control (especially Attack).

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For those that own both Digitakt and Model Samples, are there any sound quality differences between them? I’d be interested to know if there’s anything different going on under the hood.

Best joke on the internet. Top :slight_smile:

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There’s some comparison here: Model:Samples compression? (Digitakt sound comparison)

But it’s based on the old firmware. Seemingly there was a bug where distortion was always applied, but it was fixed in V 1.02. It also fixed a bug where samples were played with with an inverted phase through the analog outputs

I think the latest findings with latest firmware are that there’s no difference in the sample engine or output.

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Thanks for this, for some reason I missed that thread. A few other questions were answered too.

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Just for my personal taste, forgot to add imho.

I’m liking it…loaded my samples and started creating in short time…can’t wait for that battery option!

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Still enjoying mine. My eight year old daughter loves it too. I gave her ten save slots, showed her some basics, and she had some interesting (if a bit rough) loops going while we were on vacation. If she keeps using it, I may give it to her and buy another one.


my first groovebox in a long ass time after going modular. i’m liking it quite a bit, the rough sample editing its capable has been pretty interesting with the samples that aren’t really drums i’ve been putting in it.


Hi i own many elektron devices and i just bought model samples last night. i did the update and was ready to go. however, when using model sample the fing thing keeps freezing up and i have to unplug it to get back to using it. i used this machine for 40 mins and it froze 3 times…i’m probably going to return it if this isn’t a fixable situation.

I’ve yet to hear anything I enjoy from it based on all the demos/songs/jams I’ve heard and I swore I wouldn’t get one. But… the velocity sensitive pads are a big turn on, though I have a keyboard and don’t really travel to make music. That and the knob per function… If I ever get one secondhand it’s for those reasons alone, and it’d be exclusively for creating drum tracks to sample.

Down in the $300s used if you can find them, one on Reverb for $320 + shipping currently. If it gets any lower I think it’s a good deal and becomes too tempting.

Lol, I just saw your new picture


I’m thinking the same. I’m torn at the moment tho as I’m desperate to get the RD 808 and I’m hoping they’re available soon. Completely different beast to the M:S I know but I can’t weigh in for both right now even if the Samples is pre owned.

Patience is the name of the game I guess.

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I only purchase things new ironically but I almost always get them better than secondhand prices. Got my DN new for $560. I got an OB-6 module new for $1,800 and sold it. It really is about patience, just make due with what you have, keep your eyes open and strike while the price is hot :slight_smile: It’s hard to tell if when Elektron releases a new Model device, whether the price of Samples will rise or fall, it’s really dependent on what it does and how it compliments the Samples.

I subscribed to Splice Sounds just so I can get monthly samples and quench the GAS until I can get my setup killshots, the Empress Zoia and UDO Super 6.

Until then I’ll be snagging samples for the OB6 and any other instrument/genre I want for $14-$15/month (I forgot what I paid, but not expensive).

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can it receive program changes via midi?