Help with OT recording samples quietly


Hello. I’m about a week into using my Octatrack and everything is going fairly well (all things considered), except for a small annoyance with recording samples- everything I’m recording is very quiet.

Right now, I’m running the Main Outs of the OT into my Focusrite 2i4 interface, and also running the RCA outs 1/2 from the 2i4 back into Inputs A B of the OT (so I can practice sampling from my computer).

Record Setup 1 is:
SRC3: -

Record Setup 2 is everything off.

On the Mixer page, MAIN, DIR, and GAIN are all maxed out. Everything else is at 0.

I’m getting a good level coming in, as the A — B lights are blinking a bright green to slight red most of the time. But when I sample into T1, the sample I play back is quite a bit quieter than what I’m listening to. I then have to either crank up the input gains on my Focusrite quite a bit, and/or increase the sample’s Amp volume. Doing so is a bit of an annoyance to setup for each sample. On top of that, if I load up a sample from the card, it is usually way too loud for where I have adjusted the interface’s inputs, and it then clips.

Is there something I’m missing in regards to gain staging for sampling through the OT, or is this something I just have to deal with?

Also, is there a better way I should setup my outs and inputs? I notice I get some bad feedback at times, especially with Pickup machines. Is that because I’m running the output and inputs through the same channels?


Here’s all my gain/volume settings for live sampling. I don’t usually use pre recorded normalized samples though and when I do I need to lower amp vol or the gain setting in the attributes a bit. These settings make the signal coming out of the outputs the same level as the signal appearing at the inputs.


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Try level 127
Level 108 = - 3db
Level 127 = 0 db


Thank you, I’ll give this a shot.


Which level should I set to 127? I have Main and DIR and the track volume all at 127 too.


Track level.
I wouldn’t set MAIN to max, it also increases Main recording.

GAIN maxed? Anyway incoming level seems too low.


Good advice has been given already, but you should also check the waveform in the audio editor, and preview it by holding Func + Yes. If the waveform looks good, and the preview sounds loud enough, you might have accidentally moved the “Hold” parameter of the amp envelope. Such things happen …