Help me sync volca modular to digitakt!

i cant figure this out for the life of me!! i have a midi cable with a 3.5 to midi adapter on it, midi out of digitakt into the midi in of volca modular, i turned on the channel and all that in track 9 of digitakt, checked and made sure the midi settings on digitakt said send clock and send all the other stuff, did headphone jack out of the volca modular into the digitakt but still nothing!! sorry i lazily described what i did but hoping someone else has already hooked these two up and can tell me what to do!!!

It sounds like you’re sending MIDI in to the analog sync input of the Volca, I don’t think the Volca Modular has MIDI, just CV and sync.


As pointed out by @Hawk, the Volca Modular has no MIDI input.

Some people have designed modifications to the VM that provide MIDI capabilities, for example:

You could also use an external device to convert the DT’s DIN Sync output to the required sync pulse signal, for example:

Finally, you could try sending a high-level audio click signal from one of the DT’s audio outputs to the VM’s Sync input.

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Yeah, no midi on VM unless you mod it as mentioned by @Hawk and @PeterHanes

If you have another Volca you could sync that to DT via midi then use the analog sync from that Volca to VM.

I no longer have any of those midi interfaces left and no plans to make more.

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All of these are good solutions to your prob. Definitely using another volca with a midi input might be the way to go. Keep in mind if you have an Arturia Key step that has a midi I/O and sync I/O as well so that will also work.