Help me decide: Octatrack or Akai MPC One?

Hello everybody,
i want to start by saying that this community helped me a lot and learned a lot. A big thank you to everybody in here.

Now, i am in a BIG dilemma… I dont know wich one to get Octatrack mkII (grey) or the MPC One.
Why i cant choose? Because…
MPC One Pros in my opinion are: 1. I have 1500 vinyls that i bought over the years from gipsy shops in Italy so i can sample a lot. 2. The new update that lets you sequence multiple synths with a usb hub over midi is a game changer. 3. It costs less 4. I love that it is a DAW in a box and the easy way of sequencing, chord progressions etc etc…
From the videos i like the MPC features. Buuut… You elektronauts really made me curious about Octatrack. I read about it everywhere. I read good things. I read that it is hard to learn but it doesnt scare me.
I got a really good deal for the Octatrack mkII (grey) from a friend of mine because he wants Elektron Gear with Overbridge. He is willing to letting it go for 700 euros. It is in great condition and works well. Now this price is driving me crazy. I know that i will never find a deal like this again. But in the other hand i really want to have the MPC features and sample mangling. And i like the MPC workflow much easier than the Octratrack. Unfortunately i can only fund one of them beacuse i recently bought the Digitone Keys.

Sorry for the long post and PLEASE help me make the right decision. Peace and Love from Albania.

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i think MPCs r great for old school Hip-Hop n/or (simple) Tech jam…

but i believe those Octatracks are less “classic”, more “Class(y) & Futuristique”. ATM…

MPC i think has less sample-to-sample tricks… need confirmation from a both user.

edit: compare features & caracteristics, OT has a certain curve to learn her workflow/style of live playing or constructive story.

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Buy the Octatrack. If you don’t like it after several months, resell it and buy an MPC.


Thank you for your response. I make less ‘‘classic’’ music but with not as much fx that i have seen the Octratrack users do. I may be wrong but it seems messy

it’s just both samplers after all, make your choice by learning :smiley:

  • MPC tutorial

  • Octatrack tutorial

just LOOK HOW the guy/ladies work (fast) on em, and choose your workflow/manner.


With the low price of the OT this can happen. I didnt think of this. Thank you.

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I might be kinda of biased. I only used the mpc live(not The one) for day or two and didn’t like it. To me it was all the things I dislike about a DAW+all of the limitations that come naturally with hardware interfaced through a subpar touchscreen. Not sure about the mpc one, but I definitely wouldn’t have said that octatrack has less mangling capabilities then the mpc live.

Having said that, maybe look at it from a different angle? you can get a great deal on a mkii, you can always sell it later if you don’t like it, you might loose a little money if you buy a new mpc and sell it later. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Trust me, i have seen a looot of tutorials. Wanted to hear from experience. Thank you for your response.

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u can work your samples & plug 8 MIDI synths… or get Analog Four for syntesy thinks…

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In addition to the replies here, consider looking at some of the existing threads on the subject, as well :thup:


veeeery interesting thread. Thank you.

Thank for your words

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personally owning OT Mk2 since 4 days… i no talk computers again !

… it’s 1300 € , u must BE sHure , SURE !!! it’s an investment but it’s very GOOD VERY VERY OT !

she not perfect, & she not made for “JUST LOOPING”.


4 days? Was it easy to get around?
I am more interesting of knowing is it easy to work with samples?

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Almost never use the looper haha, then I see people do interesting things with it, think to myself: I should use the looper more, but here I am on a forum, talking about it, still not using it haha

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Difficultly: it kinda depends on how your mind works, I found it by no means difficult, but I’m pretty good with abstractions, I have some friends though who never got it. are you good with abstractions?

Samples: its kinda all it does, what part are asking about?

Also have you seen this vid by max marco?

Dude loves his, has two of them I believe, but here he clearly lays out almost all the “pain points”


Will check it out right now. Thank you very much.


it was an afternoon doing/learning basis… & playin recording ! :smiley:

when i wanted to do more stuffs, tricks, like automations ("slice trigs in Octatrack ) i alternated manual documentation / play / documentation / play i think first two days… but i have great results atm.

and… MPC one is the very lowest MPC of the series… im sure an AKAI MPC 2000 XL from 90s is doing best than actuals MPC one…


choose your workflow gestures u prefer.

I have the OT MK1 and the MPC One, i have to say that its a lot more comfortable to sample on the mpc one. If you use the Octatrack very regularly its a powerfull device, but if you dont pull it out each day, or several times a week, the mpc one is a lot more intuitive. Less button combos to remember, lots of visual hints, also CV out if that is a factor.
I personally think they are a good combo too. (OT as performance mixer + mpc as sequencer.)
I wouldn’t sell my OT, but i use the MPC one more often. The OT can also do that transition trick, which is something i haven’t seen on other devices, this alone is gold. I did sit several times in front of the Octatrack and asked myself if it really sampled, because the display isnt that large, so it was hard to read for me without glasses.