Heat vs strymon deco?


Yeah. Different uses. My deco stays on my octatrack outs.


The more videos I’ve watched of the Volante, I’m pretty sure my Deco will stay even if (when) I get the Volante.

I think the Volante, Flint, Deco will be be a pretty awesome trio. I wonder if the FET gain on the Volante and Deco tape saturation will stack well? That could be awesome.

Right now l’m running two different simple pedal rigs: (1) Three Strymons in front of my UAD Arrow for recording using amp models, and (2) an all analog setup in front of my real amps (Analog Man Sunface, Outboard Fender Reverb Tank, Way Huge Aqua Puss Mini, modded Box of Rock clone that someone made for me, and onboard amp trem).

For some reason I like the analog/digital split.