Heat vs strymon deco?


Did you check this? I’m no audiphile but after dialing it in i love how it makes my jams sound.


Thanks for sharing this info, as I have compared these two items to couple with my Machinedrum as well. You think the heat is worth it for the MD? Or can the same results be achieved with vsts in the box perhaps? Looking to add that warmth and minimize the digital nature of the MD.


I did not, thanks, will check!


Kush Omega 458a and REDDI are pretty magical for ITB work.
As is Waves NLS (even just for near 0 latency saturation, without using the summing capabilities)


By default the High Trim is set to 50%, changing this I found it has a huge impact on the top end of non guitar inputs.
Also, if you don’t switch to Studio Mode, it can compress the hell out of synths; only the new DECO’s have this mode.
And although the input can be switched into TRS stereo, it is still summed to mono so it can be double tracked properly. Loss of headroom perception in mono???


Cheers, this seems to be the issue. Glad I inquired. Great info.
We had the manual out while using it but were focused on the stereo switch, forgetting about all this under the hood capability.


I have both.

I’ve mainly used the Deco with just one instrument in my live rig, either on a bass synth or drums to add a bit of saturation/compression/stereoization.

The Heat on the other hand is so good at parallel processing. It’s built with so many features that let you monitor your dry signal and ease in the processed signal. Along with the EQ, this makes it much better for final mix down for me.

I love them both!


Here is an example of using the stereo mode to double process the signal as described here in #3.


You may want to wait a day to see the new Strymon VOLANTE


Well, at least we won’t have to wait much longer - announcement later today. It certainly looks interesting.


I like the name, anyway. Reminds me of Disco Volante :slight_smile:


Might be a strymon magneto in pedal form. Looks interesting


Perfect timing - their take on a magnetic / tape echo. Just yesterday (and over the past month plus), I was looking into various tape echo units, or DIY-ing one from my Marantz and that whole rabbit hole. After seeing this though, I might just dive in and see what comes out. stereo in/out, MIDI and all for about $400 - lucky for me, I sold a bunch of gear lately… One drawback is the size, but that’s not a deal breaker for me, plus I think it looks cool. Hmmm, Digitone into Particle V2 (whenever that’s out) into Volante into Heat… Let’s just say I’m interested.


You might like this also :smile:


You called it.
More or less, magneto for guitarists.
I already pre ordered.


The GAS is strong. I’m thinking about ditching my El Cap for it, and possibly my Deco (if I like it enough after I get it).


Should probably start a different thread, no?


Yeah, though I’m probably going to wait until they are out and about. I listened through all the demos and at first was thinking “nah…” but after seeing all the different controls and how you can make the tape / drum sound old and jacked up, I was hooked. The spring reverb is a nice added bonus too. I can’t wait to hear some synth demos.


I loved the stuff I heard during the Facebook unveiling. I need to go back and watch the whole thing again if it’s still there.

My main criticism of the El Cap has always been the hidden controls, and I love that they now they are all up top and it has stereo and line/instrument. Although icing on the cake, I really want to hear more of how far the FET “distortion” can go.


I’ll always keep the Deco for chorus and flange, even as a channel splitter in stereo-wide mode.
Besides, for shoegaze I really should have at least 4 Delay pedals, minimum.

That’s why I stuck to the Timeline. Basically has the same dTape (minus multiple heads) and you get all the controls, bpm display etc