Haunted Hearts for Digitone


Thank you so much. That‘s awesome. Hope you‘ll enjoy the MP3s until the tapes arrive.


Currently enjoying greatly, dear.




@boboter is “the dig” named after the old point and click computer game? One of my favs :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it is :slight_smile:


Fantastic job, really enjoying the pack!!


Thank you all for the super kind words about the sound pack.

In case you’re interested, I made videos for all four demo tracks. Here they are combined. Hope you enjoy them.


Watched this while getting ready for work this morning. Really nice work (as always)!


…seems really like, there’s pretty much no sound u can’t do within this little fm monsta…
…still just scratching the surface on mine…
what a beauty…pure digital sonic bliss…can’t wait to finally find the time again to give this machine really all the attention it deserves and put it in full and exclusive only focus…but i’m afraid it’ll be autumn by then already…
but damned god job, really…


Listening to the demo, some of the best tracks I’ve heard from the Digitone. Defo buying this, great work.


Purchased this evening. Really inspiring patches. Love them.


Wonderful! Thank you!


excellent pack, no fillers. I especially like the sad mood of some tones, really great for downtempo, triphop etc.


Is there a patch list somewhere?

…I’m trying to correct a mistake I made. I’ve loaded this (and several other) sound pack to my Digitone and I lost the sheet that told me which pack went in which bank.


@boboter Just wanted to give some feedback. I usually never use any presets on my synths but your sounds really speak to me. I use them a lot and made plenty of patterns with them I really like. I hope for a successor :slight_smile:


That makes me super happy. Thanks! It’s wonderful to know that these sounds are used to create something new.

Maybe some day there will be a new pack. But I’m not working on anything preset-related at the moment.


I’m a bit late to the party but I got this yesterday morning and went through every single preset, low and high octaves, with and without reverb.

A definite winner! I can’t wait to try it through my pedalboard this afternoon.


Gorgeous patches ! I always make my own sounds but after getting your album " Would " ( just superb ) and after trying to get the point with the Digitone ( got it 4 months ago ), i decided to try … And that’s what i’ve been doing the whole morning and a part of the afternoon … and will continue to enjoy these little hearts for a long time … be well !


The Soundpack screams to be played with a Digitone Keys…


Just checked all the new JH factory patches. Gorgeous again