Haunted Hearts for Digitone

Jogging House(http://jogginghouse.com/) makes a welcome return to our Sound Pack library you may recall his quite exquisite Analog Rytm Pack called Run the Track. With Haunted Hearts. 128 lush pads, blissful leads, warm, soothing basses, and some earthy percussion for good measure, letting you float wistfully through the haziest memories of summer nights spent at the oceanside. These sounds prove how organic, rich and warm FM synthesis can be. The pack combines classic FM attributes with unique sound design approaches and ever-evolving atmospheres.

Nice. Great artist


Had a lot of fun making those patches. I hope they will inspire you.


Just purchased. These are great and exactly the type of sounds I was looking for making on the DN. No doubt some of these will end up on my horror soundtracks.

Just noticed a preset called It Follows. Wonderful :slight_smile:

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I‘m very glad you like the patches. Quite a few names have movie and tv references :slight_smile:

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oh boi

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OK, what am I doing wrong here?

“On the computer, open the c6 utility software (Make sure you have the latest version, available on the
Elektron website). On the c6 Configuration menu, select Digitone for both MIDI In and MIDI Out. Click
OK to close the Configuration window.”

Have done this, with the latest version, but no Digitone shows up in the configuration window.

Have also made sure both input and output in Port config is set to USB.

Running a mac on latest version of High Sierra.

The artwork is cute

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Wonderful work there. Going to purchase as soon as I get home.

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Listened to the demos - really, really great sounds.

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Dankeschön, tolle Arbeit!


Congrats on the new pack dude! I’m sure it sounds amazing homie!


Always impressed with the different sounds I hear others come up with on the Digitone!

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Fog-Nado! lol


Just listened to the demos… The demos sound reeeaally good. If I end up buying a Digitone it would be your fault!


newb question: How will it decide what the IDs are for the sample sounds when I import them into my digitone? Any risk of it overwriting existing sounds?

The Digitone doesnt use Samples…

You should be able to add the Soundpack to the +Drive. Check manual: Page 23, Bullet 9.1

As per the manual, it will overwrite existing slots that are not locked. I used empty bank D and had no issues

I just bought all your cassettes, @boboter.
Cause I’m really fond of Seil Records, pretty cool label !