Harmonix - Digitone iOS App


Great news! Congrats.


Wow, congrats!!! I was pretty impressed during the beta period. This is brings some amazing random patches to the Tone! Love the categories and how they actually fit. I suck at FM programming, no problem any more :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, mate!!!


Update Out:

  • Added Pitch Drift & Spread function
  • Minor UI Adjustments

Pitch Drift will simulate a vintage synth going out of tune, instant lofi
Spread will take the currently selected Track, copy it to all other Tracks, then Morph those 3 copied Tracks. The resulting sound is huge and wide (if you enable control of all 4 Tracks with the Keyboard or trigger all Synth Tracks externally))


apologies, but there is no link to buy in iTunes. and a search on iPhone in appstore provides no results for the app. thoughts?


iPad only


just purchased. about to get weird!

collider really brought my rytm to new life, and i can’t wait to get into harmonix and create some new stuff!!!

thank you.


thank you


Update Out:

  • Added ability to Save / Load Presets
  • Added function “Filt LFO”


Update Out:

  • FIXED: The Digitone input port would not be available under “MIDI IN”
  • When editing Sliders on the Parameter Page, a pop-up will appear showing the current value
  • Sound Type improvements
  • Improved Morphing / Randomization of Parameters
  • Various Bug Fixes


Hi, I absolutely love the work you did, and gladly support it!

I got a question regarding your app, though

So your app controls DN via Midi CC Messages right?

And you know, the DN manual says on page 38

You can also use MIDI program change messages from an external device to change
patterns on the Digitone. For more information, please see “14.3.1 SYNC” on page 60…

Would that mean, your app could have a section, where one would be able to chain patterns, cue them on DN, store and manipulate them …and thereby giving us :drum: :drum: :drum: … A SONG MODE of sorts?

I know, I know, what’s with those greedy ppl always asking for more stuff instead of being happy with what’s there already …but the possibility of storing/ change chains would be a blast. Could you at least comment about feasibility? (:


That would be brilliant if possible.


Yeah I can add a Pattern Launcher Mode, but it will only be by selection for now (similar to the Pattern Launcher in the Collider app)…not sure about queueing. I would need to be receiving clock from the DT and time it that way, but I haven’t explored that yet.


Pattern Launcher (manual version) is done.

I started working on a queued Pattern Launcher which works so far…I have Harmonix receiving Clock from the Digitone and cycling between a few Patterns on time…you will be able to change the resolution of the launch (1 Bar, 2 Bars, 3 Bars, 4 Bars). The only thing left is to figure out a nice UI to be able to select your Patterns.

One thing that is annoying is that Patterns are tied to Sounds. You can’t launch Bank A2 and still keep the sound from Bank A1 unless you specifically program it. Changing Patterns also means the App’s Parameters and the Digitone parameters will be out of sync. It would be nice if they implemented a command to dump all CC’s, like they have on the OctaTrack.


Wow, awesome!

I really appreciate you’re super-responsive take on app development. Keept it up! (:


Update Out:

  • Added Pattern Launcher Mode
  • Improvements to “Filt LFO” function
  • Randomization improvements

*This is the manual Pattern Launcher, the queued Launcher is not done yet




Update Out:

  • Added a Queued Pattern Launcher to simulate Song Mode
  • Minor UI changes for larger iPads

There are new requirements for the DN settings (Clock Send, etc)…Visit the Help Menu to see what you need to set. Song Mode relies on the DN’s Clock / Transport and Program Change messages.

The major setback is detailed in the Help Menu: You must manually set the first Queued Pattern. For example, if your first Pattern is A12, then make sure the Digitone’s active Pattern is A12 before pressing Play. There is no way around this unless I have the app provide the clock as well, which I don’t think people want / need.

I also encountered 1-2 times when the Digitone was sending out Clock / Program Change messages out of sync with it’s internal sequencer…I was confused at first and thought it was a problem with the code, but a reboot of the DN fixed the issue (no idea :frowning:)

Anyways, besides that it works nicely and everything stays in sync. There are 16 Patterns which can be queued, you can enable / disable patterns on the fly, and you can set the length that each Pattern will play (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 bars). It’s not as fully featured as the Song Mode on the other machines, but there is only so much you can do when you are relying on the DN’s Clock / Transport messages.

Let me know if there are any issues or you have suggestions.


once i figured out I need to set digitone to receive CC i have been having a blast. (smh)

i’ve finally got ‘randomize’ on my DN.

i’m getting beautiful results over here.

thanks for another great app, @mekohler.


I love you!


Update Out:

  • Added “Page” toggle to the Parameter Sliders View. When toggled, locking a Slider will lock all Sliders in that Parameter’s Page
  • Saved Files are now sorted alphabetically