Harmonix - Digitone iOS App


Harmonix is an intelligent randomizer and controller for the Digitone

- Intelligent Sound Types let you program individual Track Sounds with minimal effort
- Randomize / Morph / Reset various parameters of the Digitone (Tracks, Pages, MFX, Mixer, etc)
- Various sound design functions
- Mute Tracks
- Mixer to control Track Level, Pan, Drive, & FX Sends
- Snapshots for install recall of Sounds
- Customizable Keyboard filters notes to the selected Key / Scale, and controls various parameters with vertical finger movement

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/harmonix/id1444665934?ls=1&mt=8

*** Note: This only controls the available CC’s and it’s not possible to request CC’s from the Digitone. The Sound sysex has not been decoded yet, but when it is I will build upon that as well. Decoding the Sound sysex will enable flawless 2-way communication and control over ALL settings.


Seems cool. Any chances of an Android version?


Nope, sorry :sweat: …I’ve only done iOS apps as I don’t own any android devices


I might need to get myself an ipad.


This looks cool!
I’m gonna go click that public beta link now!


If you’re using the Pitch Bend function, be careful as I just noticed the Digitone has a bug where it will never reset the oscillators to true 0 after releasing the pitch bend wheel (from my app or from any pitch bend controller)…this results in you being slightly sharp until you reboot the machine.

I submitted a support ticket.


Update Out:

  • Improved variation of all Sound Types
  • New sound design functions…I like “S+H”
  • Added the ability to control more parameters with the keyboard

The update later this week will include a new view mode where you can see all Parameter values of a Track at once. This will let you lock, reset, or randomize individual parameters.


Update Out:

  • Parameter View Mode
  • Replaced sound design functions Tighten & Loosen with Slow Env & Fast Env. This let’s you slow down or speed up all envelopes little by little
  • UI Updates
  • Bug Fixes


you make me a android version if I give you a old ass android phone?



Never programmed for Android, it’s an entirely different beast, and iOS is where most music developers focus on :slight_smile:

Here is another scuffed video showing more of the algorithms and keyboard control: https://streamable.com/gnnhh


This is awesome! You rock!


Thanks, looking for feedback on other sound design macros people often use, or other types of patches…I haven’t been able to consistently create drums…need to dig through some DT presets and see what tricks are used for percussion.


Update Out:

  • Improved all Sound Type algorithms
  • Added “AB Level” to Keyboard / Modulation Control
  • Added ability to invert the Modulation applied to each Parameter
  • Added Modulation slider above the Keyboard which also controls the selected Parameters
  • Snapshots will now be saved / restored each time you launch the app


Final Beta out:

  • Copy / Paste Tracks
  • New Sound Type called “Classic”
  • More Sound Design functions
  • Added toggle to control All Tracks at once with the Keyboard
  • Changed Keyboard “note hold” function to standard “latch” behavior

It’s incredibly easy to sound design with this! I’ve received some great demos of stuff people have been making. This is the final Beta, but I will be constantly adding more functions and modes to it. Hopefully progress is made on the sysex decoding as well.


I’ve received some great demos of stuff people have been making.

Any examples?


I’ll have to ask if I can post their tracks


I like Harmonix very much. But the way to change key/scale/octave etc. with finger movement is difficult to handle. I would prefer a popup box and from there scrolling to the choice you want to make. Or maybe both ways by double tap?


You can swipe up / down and left / right to change those values, but I will look into adding a pop-up selection this weekend.


How close are you to releasing this on the App Store? I’m looking forward to getting it.


After New Years I think. I’m going to leave it as a free beta until then so people can try it out.